Essay on respect

Essay on respect An essay based on the subject of respect can be written from many different angles with attention not only to the definition of the word but the significance of it in relation to how it is perceived by each individual. It is incumbent on a parent to lead, guide and direct the little person they have brought into this world so that they may be socially conscious of how their actions effect other people. Depending on what a person has as his or her own definition will dictate the way an essay on respect will be written.

An essay on respect can be written about feelings such as esteem.

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When another human being shows an individual respect by giving that person appreciation and consideration, it will provide a feeling of respect. It allows the individual to feel recognized and shown special value in the eyes of another. For example, if a young girl is asked to baby sit for the first time, it is amazing how the parents can build self esteem for the girl by showing appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. The respect shown will possibly make or break the girls desire to baby sit again.

Another direction an essay on respect can take would be comparing different generations and the respect or lack thereof for parental guidance and the manner of verbal response made by teens.

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For example, in the pre WWII (World War II) days, children would never disrespect their parents by using curse words or talking back. The repercussions were bountiful and children learned the meaning of and how to show respect for adults. Today, children have few boundaries and feel no remorse in disrespecting adults whether it be their parents, teachers or perfect strangers.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, the essay on respect could be written from a global angle whereby different cultures could be compared and contrasted.

For example, compare the Chinese to the Americans in regards to how people respect others and others possessions. Different attitudes from different cultures make an amazing difference in how children are raised.

General respect for other people’s thoughts and ideas is another direction this paper could take. Being a member of a classroom, or in a work environment means many people are usually congregated together and share ideas and thoughts. Showing each member of this sub-culture of society will determine whether the group can work cohesively or in contention with one another.

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Regardless of how an essay on respect is written, it is apparent that respect and disrespect touch everyone’s lives on a daily basis. How a person views another’s ideas and thoughts indicates openness to change and growth. Respect is a major part of society and writing an essay about it can be extremely fulfilling and help the reader to understand how keeping respect in the forefront of one’s awareness is ever so important. Bottom line, the golden rule says it well, ‘treat others the way you wish to be treated’.

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