Essay Questions

Essay Questions Essay prompts or topics can often come in the form of a question. The question is open to interpretation by the student. However, the main focus and thrust of an essay paper is to make certain that it answers the essay question.

The student needs to be prepared to dissect the question and make certain of what the focus of the question is. Unfortunately, many students forget to look at this aspect and end up writing a paper without ever truly answering the question asked. The first step is to identify the key words and subject in the question. There is often a topic with an emphasis on a specific facet of the subject.

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For example: Will Socialism in America cause more serious economic and social consequences than from the democracy from which it was built.

The topic is Socialism in America which is the general subject. This is a varied topic and will require the student to look further into the essay question for focus. The focus is identified as the economic and social consequences. The essay question shows no interest in politics so it would be incorrect for the student to bring it into the essay. It is important to do research on the focus and it would be helpful to highlight the information taken from the research making certain as it is reread it pertains only to the topic and focus required.

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Remember that the essay question relates to America so it would be incorrect to answer the essay question by talking about another country. However, if there is comparison and contrasts between America and perhaps the United Kingdom, it would be alright as long as the viewpoint is directed at America.

Prepare an outline to aide in planning the essay. There are useful ways to make a plan although an outline has proven to be the easiest and the best.

Some students prefer to make a flowchart, lists, spider grams and such. Do whatever works and make certain the topic and focus is paramount in making the plan.

After the outline or plan has been made, begin the essay by introducing the main point or thesis of the essay. For example, ‘Socialism in America will cause serious economic and social consequences than from the democracy from which it was built because America has always encouraged it’s people to be anything they want to be, earn as much money as they can to live a standard befitting them, and laziness and living off the government destroys incentive.

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The body of the essay will encompass the answers supporting these three supporting thoughts. This support can be quotes from other research along with the writers own standpoint. The body of the essay could be descriptive, persuasive or explanatory in nature. In whatever way the writer chooses, he should never go off topic in the body and stay within the parameters of the essay question.

Finally the conclusion allows for the reader to have the essay question reiterated and summarized making certain that the topic and the focus has been covered and can be understood by the reader.

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