Essay Process

Essay Process From secondary school forward teachers and professors build on the process of writing a good, precise and interesting essay. At the beginning, in secondary school, the essay process is broken down into easy pieces so the writer has a full understanding of how to formulate the essay and convey a certain idea or theme across to their audience. When a student enters the university, it is expected that the student has honed the skills needed to write difficult essays. The essay process is like a pyramid and as one aspect is learned, a greater extent of writing is built until the student can virtually write on any subject because he has mastered the essay process.

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He first learned to crawl, began walking in later years in high school and is running a marathon by the time he reaches the university when it comes to generating well written essays.

The first aspect of the essay process is determining a subject from which to write. Most of the time the teacher will assign a general subject and allow the student to determine which aspect of the subject is interesting to write about. However, there are times where teachers will be quite specific when assigning an essay subject. In junior high the essay process will begin with gentle teaching. For example, the teacher will ask the student to write an essay on ‘car maintenance’.

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Before being taught the correct essay process, a young student might begin writing and ramble on hoping to find an end to his paper. This is much like getting in the car and begin to drive not knowing really where to go.

The next aspect of learning the essay process is to build an outline or skeleton of what the paper might want to say. The teacher will show how the take the theme, car maintenance and make a central statement or thesis statement regarding it. It could be ‘car maintenance will help your car last longer’. This simple sentence could be the introduction for the paper.

Outlines are not meant to be an actual paper but a guide for writing a paper. The body of the outline will identify perhaps three statements that will show how car maintenance will help your car last longer. The first statement could be, ‘change the oil regularly’ and so on. The final part of the outline would sum up what has been said and this is called the conclusion. It could look something like this, ‘if you don’t want to have to buy a new car every two years, constant vigilance on maintenance will help your car to last longer’.

Now that the ideas are all outlined, the essay process will move to the next step which is expanding each of the outline thoughts with a little bit of research.

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The when, why, who, where and how supporting the body of the essay. Once this is complete the student has a game plan of what he wants to include in the essay. With this plan he knows he wants his essay to be five paragraphs long with the first being an introduction to the subject, the next three paragraphs support of the subject and the final paragraph is written to reiterate what was said in the introduction.

As a student progresses with his education, more and more will be expected of him regarding the essay process. Eventually, at the university level, he will be capable of producing extensive essays with much thought and research.

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