Essay Plan

Essay Plan It has been said that in every discipline in life a person should ‘plan his work and then work his plan. ’ This goes without saying that when writing the author should always have a good plan in effect so he does not get off track or miss valuable points that need to be included. Writing an essay is not the same as sitting down at a computer and writing a letter to someone. An essay has to be well thought out. The essay plan must begin with introducing a thesis, followed by support of the thesis and completed by summing up the thesis in a conclusion.

A good analogy would be to think of building a house. The builder must have a plan from which to work.

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He knows that if he builds a strong basement (or basis for an essay) there will be a very formidable foundation from which to build. He refers to his blueprint, or plan on a constant basis making certain that what he is building is exactly as designed. The final product, whether it be a house or an essay must be built exactly according to plan.

When a teacher or professor makes an assignment for writing an essay, a broad topic could be issued or something more specific with options of developing an essay around different aspects regarding the topic. If the professor were to assign a broad topic such as ‘politics’ then it would be beneficial to make a list about what facets of politics are interesting and narrow down the subtopic that would be particular for this essay.

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The realm of politics in general is wide and varied.

After determining a direction in which the essay might be written, begin to make an essay plan to formulate what subject to follow, how to follow it and in what order. For example, American Politics might be a subtopic of politics which interests the student. Since American Politics is still quite wide in its entirety, breaking it down again will help with the plan. At this point the paper could be written as a contrast and comparison of the two political parties, republican and democrat.

Begin doing research into both political parties and make a plan to show comparisons and contrasts of four or five different subject such as economy, conservative policy versus liberal policy and perhaps federal government intervention as opposed to a reduction in such. These three ideas will support the thesis regarding American Politics and the difference between republicans and democrats. In the plan, research will need to begin in order to support the three ideas chosen. All claims, arguments and discussions will have to be backed up by references surrounding each viewpoint.

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With any and all information available on the world wide web and university libraries, there should be a plethora of material to support the essay. Make certain plenty of time has been allotted for executing the essay plan. Not only does this include researching the subject, developing an outline, writing the essay but it also includes proofreading and revision if needed. Always allow time to edit and make corrections. When an essay is submitted, the grammar and spelling must be exact and the essay needs to have natural flow and be coherent so that when the person who reads the essay has completed it, there will be a specific theme that has been conveyed.

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