Essay Outline

Essay Outline Simply said, no one goes off on a trip without seeking direction from a map. Writing an essay is just like going on a trip because without some form of map, the writer will have no idea which direction he is going or why. Consider an essay outline to be the map which will help the writer to arrive at the desired destination. Following an outline, or map will help to write an essay that stays on the subject and makes the required points to support the theme.

Teachers or college professors are more than willing to provide samples of good essay outlines.

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They are well aware of the exact way an essay needs to be written and in providing the student with specifics such as content and structure, it will help the student to become familiar with how to begin an essay by building an outline to follow.

Essay outlines are usually built with thoughts or phrases that present ideas. Another way to look at an outline is to consider it as a blueprint for the final structure.

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It allows the writer to organize thoughts and put them into an order that will support the main points presented in the essay.

Once a topic has been assigned, the writer should consider different methods in which to write the essay. Most of the time the teacher has given an assignment such as making the essay a comparison, contrast, persuasive or narrative essay. There are other kinds of essays that might be assigned as well, so keeping in mind what is expected, begin doing research on the topic and write down thoughts and ideas found through this research.

Once the writer has found the direction he or she wants to travel with this essay, the outline will begin to unfold by itself.

The introduction, main body and conclusion will be the three main parts of the outline. The first step will be to create the theme or thesis for which to write. Once that has been determined, the body of the essay should contain at least three main points supporting the thesis.

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The last part of the outline will be the conclusion which wraps everything together into a nice package.

Once these three parts have been determined, the writer will begin to expound on each until the thoughts are in order and ready to be written in essay form. Once a student has mastered the art of essay outlining, the actual production of the essay becomes easier. The essay outline takes the pressure off the student to just begin to randomly write and get off track. Follow the map, and get to the final destination.

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