Essay levels

Essay levels There are numerous levels when it comes to writing essays. Students usually begin to learn how to write essays in secondary school. From an academic standpoint, this could be considered the first essay level for writers. From this point on, depending on how far a student takes his education, essay levels progress from secondary all the way through the PhD level.

In secondary school, or high school, students are beginning to work with general topics where they have creative licence to chose subjects that are easier to comprehend. An example would be, ‘How does clothing influence how people see us? ” The teacher will expect a paper of about four to six paragraphs at this essay level. The structure, which will remain the same throughout all levels, will have an introductory paragraph, the main body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph.

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At this level students will be required to do research to a certain extent in order to back up the main idea with content.

The next essay level will be in college. The professors will expect longer essays and begin to want the students to expound on given topics by being controversial so the student can begin to learn persuasive techniques in essay writing. Research is mandatory so it can back up the writer’s opinions and thoughts. Professors are apt to come down very hard on students for plagiarism so at this essay level the student needs to learn and understand completely that borrowing anyone else’s thoughts or ideas and using them as their own is off limits.

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Bringing other peoples ideas into the paper is fine as long as the credit is given where credit is due.

As a student completes his degree, he should have a full understanding of his chosen field and should also be able to write extensively about it within the discipline’s methodology. Everything a student has learned up until now serves as building blocks for higher essay levels and what is to be expected.

The next level of education, the pursuit of a master’s degree will come with a number of distinct requirement for essay writing. As a student moves into an academic level of writing a thesis, uniqueness is a requirement. By this time style has been honed to a fine art, formatting will have been learned dependent on the which discipline of study the student has pursued and content will be expected to be original and key to the specifics of the topic.

Writing skills at this level should be conducive to a master’s expectation.

Finally, the PhD essay level is the highest writing level in academia. The writing has become very complex and the composition or dissertation will make the years spent in undergraduate or even graduate school pale in comparison. The writer will be expected to be a specialist in the field he is which he is acquiring a PhD. There should be no doubt that the student has complete knowledge of methods, principles and terminology in his chosen field of study.

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Professors will expect that all writing will revolve around a pivotal idea and the idea has to be unique and owned by the student. No longer is it merely thoughts supported by the compilation of other people’s ideas and beliefs. At this essay level, the essay must culminate in the reader reaching a distinct conclusion. After reading the PhD student’s dissertation, the reader will have to accept that what has been written is the most reasonable and believable solution for the subject matter. Writing at this level is challenging and time consuming. Ultimately, the final product must be concise, contain perfect grammar, be absolutely work based on facts and empirical research. All the previous years of building skills in writing is epitomized by accomplishment at this essay level.

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