Essay Introduction

Essay Introduction When writing a paper, the essay introduction is the most important aspect. Within the first few seconds the reader will become interested in the paper or the paper will lose appeal because it bored the reader. Something needs to be said that will in essence ‘grab’ the reader and pull them in. It is quite often that the central theme to the paper will be planted in the reader’s mind in the first sentence of the essay introduction paragraph.

If the essayist is writing about air bags and their importance, the first sentence might blow the reader away by seeing statistics about automobile accidents and the survival rate of those who had airbag engagement.

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Following this the essay introduction would briefly outline the key points that will be illustrated in the main body of the essay.

In essence, the essay introduction should be totally related to the theme of the essay. It plays a direct role in outlining the writer’s intentions. The opening statement catches the attention of the reader and the rest of the essay introduction is to inform the reader about what the writer plans to state about the subject.

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The last line in the essay introduction culminates in the thesis statement.

The length of the introduction is dependent on the length of the essay. If the essay is one to two pages, has a body of three to four paragraphs, then a one paragraph introduction will suffice. In a longer essay, such as eight to twelve pages, the essay introduction could easily take two to three paragraphs. The writer needs to balance the essay by making certain the introduction, body and conclusion are equal in weight.

It would be impossible to write a one paragraph introduction followed by twenty paragraphs in the body. The same goes with the conclusion. Balance is essential.

The thesis statement is critical in the way it is introduced. If the essayist is presenting an essay for informational purposes, he might take the aforementioned topic, airbag safety and outline what will follow in the body in one statement. For instance, ‘The major factors leading to airbag installation are, impact control, reduction of kinetic force and as a supplement to seat belt restraint.

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From a safety standpoint, airbags save lives. ” Now the writer has set up the body of his essay. Each of these topics can be covered totally in a paragraph or more following the essay introduction.

At the end of the day, without a catchy essay introduction, the writer is going to lose his intended audience. So, the design and intention must be written so that the reader is interested in reading more about the subject in greater detail. The introduction is the life blood of an essay. Get this right and the rest of the essay will flow smoothly from beginning to end.

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