Essay Format Styles

Essay Format Styles Writing essays requires a great deal of research by the essayist and this means using other sources to back up the main theme of the essay. For instance, if the writer is attempting to compose an essay that wishes to persuade its audience, building a foundation by quoting other sources assists in bringing home the argument.

Any idea or direct quote of another individual requires acknowledgment. It is quite simple to give credit where credit is due and in essence, it bolsters the essay as being fully researched and backed up by reputable sources.

When writing an essay that includes these sources, there are specific essay formats styles that are common for citing resources.

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They can be recorded as footnotes, in text notes in parenthesis, or endnotes. In a University setting there are normally four general styles used for citation essay formats: 1. Modern Language Association or MLA is most commonly used for art, literature and humanitarian course studies.

2. American Psychology Association or APA is currently used for essays in sociology, psychology, and social sciences.

3. Chicago and Turabian styles are used in the history department.

There are also guidelines to help developing essay format styles: 1.

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Use a 1 inch margin on the top and bottom of the paper and a 1. 25 inch for the right and left margins.

2. Always use double spacing when writing an essay as it allows for easy reading and also for effortless editing purposes.

3. In almost all cases of writing an essay, the format should follow a left justified alignment. It would be a one off circumstance that anyone would ask a paper to be written center or left justified. Almost everything written today is aligned with the left side of the sheet of paper for ease in reading.

4. Although there are literally hundreds of fonts from which to chose, stay with a standard, easy to read size and name such as ‘times new roman’.

5. Never used both sides of the paper.

6. Use a standard size of white paper. The size is 8. 5 inches by 11 inches in almost all areas of the world.

7. When double spacing the entire paper, always indent each new paragraph with five spaces. This allows the reader to recognize a new thought has begun.

If the paper exceeds one sheet of paper, a numbering system is required. The cover page is never numbered. The first page of the actual essay will be page 1 and this can be centered at the bottom of the page, or placed in the right hand upper corner.

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Follow the same essay format styles numbering system chosen throughout the remainder of the paper. Be certain to follow the chosen style depending on the assignment. The MLA style asks for the surname of the essayist to be placed before each page number and for it to be placed in the right hand corner of each page of the essay.

Often there is a works cited page that refers to each and every source used in the writing of the paper. There are several different essay formats that can be used when listing each source. Follow the style of essay formatting that has been assigned by the professor when citing books, articles, and other publications.

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