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When writing difficulties negatively impact grades for students whose content knowledge and skills are otherwise superior, it seems unfair. agrees and has therefore developed an entire academic essay editing department to provide important assistance to students who are challenged by writing. Students may submit their completed works to our editing services department for complete review, revision, and polishing – services that will achieve the stellar grades for our clients.

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How Essay Editing is Accomplished at

Our online essay editing service is easy to use. Once a student accesses our site, s/he completes an order form and uploads the work to be edited. This may be a basic 5-paragraph essay, a research work, an analysis, book review, presentation, literature review, thesis, dissertation, or any other type of academic writing. The complexity of the task is analyzed and a pricing quote given. Once payment is made, the editing services begin immediately.

Generally, a client may expect the following:
  1. The essay editing department will assign the appropriate professional(s) to the task. In some instances, an English-degreed individual will provide the essay or paper editing; with more complex and higher level works, a team of professionals may be assigned. For example, if the piece is a Master’s thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation, a Ph.D. in the content area and an English expert will work as a team, to ensure excellence in both the presentation of the information, data, and analysis and in the use of language, grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, and formatting.
  2. The essay and paper editing process involves two distinct phases.
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Organizational Structure, Fluency and Coherency: Our online essay editors begin with a holistic review of the work, looking for an engaging introduction with a thesis statement that is clear and well written. They move onto the body of the work, looking for logical and fluent flow of information, data, opinion, etc. to ensure that the paragraphs or sections are well developed and coherent. An academically-sound conclusion is critical to any type of academic writing, and editors will make suggestions for more effective concluding remarks. All revision suggestions will be sent to the client for approval before finalized.

Language Usage, Grammar, Mechanics, and Format: The second phase of our essay editing online will involve correction of all English and formatting errors, whether they are in sentence structure, vocabulary, antecedent agreement, punctuation, resource citations, etc. These are the things that separate a mediocre piece of writing from an exceptional one and create an overall impression that substantial work and attention to detail has gone into the work’s production. Teachers and professors want to be impressed!

Essay editing online at will result in an impeccably written piece, ready to submit.

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In addition to our premier essay editing service, we offer custom online essay writing of all types. Students are welcome to order essays, research papers, book reviews, analyses, research proposals and projects, literature reviews, and any part or all of thesis and dissertation works. When students order custom online essay or other academic writing works at, they will be provided a writer with academic credentials in the content fields appropriate for the academic level of the work. Our writers hold Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees that, collectively, cover all academic areas, so that students can be assured of professional essay writing each and every time they place an order.

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Many services offer a cheap essay price that seems “too good to be true.” The fact is, it probably is just that. Degreed, professional writers will not produce original custom academic writing, and student who buy essay and paper works from such services will be sorely disappointed in the results. pricing varies, based upon the nature of the work and the academic level required, unlike other inferior services that offer a single cheap essay price for any piece of writing. Such a policy should warn students that pre-sold and/or poorly written writing will be produced.

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