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Creating An Essay Cover Page After writing an essay, it is important to put consideration into creating an essay cover page. It is not always an academic requirement, but it is always a good idea to include one whether requested or not. Typically a cover page will be crisp and neat identifying the name of the person writing the essay, the scheduled date of completion, the name or topic of the essay and the name of the course and professor who made the assignment.

A student who is required to deliver many essays might invest in copy of a APA and MLA citation format standards to have on hand as reference.

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This handy tool will provide information on requirements such as which font should be used, appropriate spacing and other formatting requests.

Consider the essay cover page to be the only opportunity to make a good first impression. After all, clothes do make the man, and judgements will be made the first time your essay is viewed. There must be absolutely no errors, and pleasing to the eye.

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It might seem clever to use colored ink but in a college setting, try to stay with black ink. Most professors will give you information he or she wants included on the cover page. For example: Student’s Name Date of Completion Title Class Name Professor’s Name According to the APA or MLA requirements set forth by the professor, the cover page will be left justified or centered for a professional look and feel. Some professor’s are quite happy to allow their students to include a graphic to describe the title in picture form.

Most of the time the professor will require the most mundane of cover pages which give the exact details as summarized above. The main purpose in college work is to teach the student to follow instructions and provide an essay and cover page exactly as outlined by the assigning professor. Nothing more; nothing less.

After college there will normally be plenty of opportunities to present documentation to department heads and or others in your department.

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This is when it is allowed to let a little more creativity start to flow when constructing a cover page. So many of the computer programs today allow for inspiration and imagination to be used to dress up cover pages. In the business world, feel free to use photographs, graphics, color or anything at all to catch the eye of the reader. Begin by using templates provided and work around with your main point that needs to be driven home with your essay.

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