November 08, 2011 in Essay Tips

Essay Body Paragraph

Learning to Create the Perfect Essay Body Paragraph As professors give out assignments with regard to essay writing, they will normally have some very distinct wishes for how the essay must be written. Oddly enough, the instructions will vary from one professor to another. However, if a student keeps to an overall writing structure each and every time he writes an essay, it will only take a small bit of rearranging to appease the assigning professor. Keep to the basics with an introduction, essay body paragraph(s) and conclusion.

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Below you will find a list of things to do to keep writing easy and not so confusing.

Begin by creating a theme to the essay. The assignment from your professor is to write an essay around the topic of ‘reducing freeway congestion’. After brainstorming you have come up with the subject of ‘Public Transportation Reduces Freeway Congestion’.

As you think about how public transportation can reduce freeway congestion, begin to write down points that support this idea.

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With each of the key points you have thought of that support the theme, begin to expand on each of them with ideas that support the main theme or idea. Don’t worry about what you are writing down during this exercise because all you are doing is getting your ideas out of your head and onto the paper so you can organize it.

Some examples for helping you to understand what to do when creating an essay body paragraph would be: 1.

Public transportation not only reduces freeway congestion but it saves commuters a great deal of money in fuel costs.

2. It reduces wear and tear on private vehicles 3. It allows the commuter time for thinking and preparing for the days activities without the stress of driving 4. Fewer cars on the road produces less traffic jams Take each of these ideas and elaborate on them to begin to formulate the essay body paragraphs.

Each of the paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence in order to connect it to the main theme of the paper.

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Once the topic sentences have been determined, the flow of the essay body should be simple to maintain. Each of the four chosen paragraphs will have a topic sentence introducing the thought followed by supporting details to complete each idea. Make certain you can draw an arrow back from each essay body paragraph to the main theme of the essay. The introduction and conclusion are very important as well because they tie directly into the supporting essay body paragraphs.

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