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English essay and paper assignments at the university level will be numerous throughout each English course. In English composition courses, the focus is on refinement of such skills as sound research, structural efficacy, fluency of thought, coherency, and, of course, standard formal English style and grammar. In those courses related to literature study, the focus is no simply on basic English skills but, as well, the ability to analyze and respond to what others have written. The literature class, then, adds critical thinking skills and creativity to its list of expectations for student performance. There are three types of students who struggle with and English essay or paper assignment – 1) those for whom English is not a native language and who are completing their studies in English-speaking universities, 2) those students for whom writing has never been a strength, and 3) those students who are so overloaded with other coursework, they simply have run out of time to complete it appropriately. For these students, it may make sense to seek help from an academic writing service that will produce a custom English essay or paper from scratch, according to the requirements of the instructor or professor. Indeed, a simple Internet search will yield any number of such services, offering cheap online solutions if you will simply buy your essay, paper, report, etc. from them. At this point, the wise student will conduct a bit of research and use a bit of critical thinking, in order to determine which writing services will actually deliver what they promise.

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Who will be writing your English essay? If the website itself uses poor English in its own content, you can be certain that some foreign student will be given the task. S/he will search databases for sample essays related to your topic, cut and paste from them, and attempt to deliver something that may relate to your need. You have wasted your money, and, if you attempt to submit it, you will be charged with plagiarism. Universities all have software to check for plagiarism, and they will use it!

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What you do need is a writing agency that uses only native English-speaking degreed writers, whose academic backgrounds and experience are a match for your topic area and for your level of study. What you do need is a writing agency that guarantees a non-plagiarized work and backs up that guarantee with its own plagiarism report from its own scanning software system. What you do need is communication with your assigned writer, so that you can monitor progress and so that there are no mis-understandings about the details of the requirements. What you do need is customer-friendly support that allows several methods of contact and that is available around the clock. What you do need is Qualityessay.com!

We have been in the business of helping students with writing assignments for years. We know how to do this correctly, we have the professional researchers, writers and editors to satisfy virtually any need a student may present, and we guarantee authentic research and original written products. Once you have experienced the service and quality from Qualityessay.com, you will realize that paying a bit more and getting a work worthy of submission is the wise choice!

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