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How to Endure a College Interview

A college interview is as important as your GPA, so it is advisable to shine during your meeting with your admissions officer. wishes you success and lists common college interview mistakes for you to avoid:
  • Do not learn the answers for the questions by heart. If you think that memorizing the answers for the possible questions is a good idea, you are wrong. Despite the fact that it is good to be prepared, your answers does not have to sound memorized or robotic. Instead of learning possible answers, do a sort of light brainstorming and get ready for a discussion about you and the goals you have.
  • Do not underdress. Despite the fact that it is not a job interview, it is advisable to switch out sneakers and jeans. In case your favorite sweater shows some skin, you may change it for a more conservative one plus flats and a pencil skirt. Your aim is to impress the admissions officer with your achievements and the knowledge, but not strange and casual clothing choices.
  • Do not bring your parents with you. Interviews might be an intimidating experience, but it is not that scary and you do not need to bring your moms and dads in. College is the time to become completely independent and when you drag your mother with you in a room, it shows anything, but your readiness for an adult life and independence.
  • Do not leave your cell-phone on. Using technology nowadays is already a need, but there is a place and time for everything. Teenagers are famous for being glued to their smartphones, so it is advisable to switch off your device during the interview not to interrupt you and others.
You are at a very interesting point of your life – in college you will become an adult. Student life implies independence and freedom on one hand and responsibility for your decisions and a heavy workload on the other. It is not easy, but be sure that the play is worth the candle. Besides, there will always be people around ready to help and support you. So go ahead! Have only successful interviews in your life!
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