Editing Student Essays

Essay writing is the most crucial time during school time. Every student has to submit the essays to the high school in order to achieve promotion. Therefore the work is given in advance to students to prepare the essays of their major subjects for the tutors to evaluate. The essay has to be submitted to the teacher at the stipulated date and time for evaluation. Therefore the students must work in accordance to submit these essays and secure good grades.

Nowadays custom services has been introduced which prevents students from the work of writing essays. The students pay to the professional writers to avail their services at a cost in return of the desired assignment.

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But when the essay has to be written by the student himself he has to take special care of writing the essay so that he does not require editing after the completion of the essay.

Editing requires deletion, editing the grammatical mistakes and tense errors. It also requires the use of words in proper order and manner and understanding the importance of each word. So the student should take utmost care that he evaluates the essay before submitting it to the teacher. This will enable the student to secure good grades and attain promotion to the next stage.

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It will also enhance the skills of the students as a good writer with good understanding of the majors and giving an edge to the student.

It becomes a tedious job for the teacher to edit the essays once the students have submitted it. Furthermore it will result in poor grades of the students. The teacher has to evaluate hundreds of essays and editing on his part will obviously frustrate him thus resulting in the bad impression of the student.

So the student should take care before submitting the essay. He should edit them at the final stage. They should themselves edit the essays to secure good grades.

He should follow several tips which will enable him to write a good essay.

He should read the sentence aloud after forming a sentence to analyze the sentence and observe the mistake. After doing it thoroughly for the whole essay then proceed for the next step. The inappropriate sentence structure can be detected when you are reading aloud.

Carefully analyze each word used in the essay and their relevance in the essay. Make sure that the phrases used match your ideology of the thesis written by you and completely agree with you. Keep one thing in your mind that the words should not be written just to complete the essay and complete the deadline of the word limit.

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After editing the words, make sure that you have not exaggerated things in your essay. Try to express yourself in a single sentence rather than making three sentences out of it and expanding it unnecessarily. This will give a clear idea to the reader of the essay where your thoughts will enable you to score well.

Try to make your language very precise and up to the mark to avoid any confusion in the mind of the reader. Always consult thesaurus and encyclopedias to enhance your writing skills and have an edge in your essay. Thus try to be simple, precise and very clear while penning down your thoughts.

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