Difference Between High School Essay and College Essay.

Even if one has an expertise in writing a five paragraph essay in high school which fetches all the A grades, it doesn't hold for certain that the same student will score brilliantly in college essays as well. Usually it is seen that those students scoring high grades in high school are marked as satisfactory in the college essays thus leaving the student in a lurch. Thereby, if you are in a dilemma regarding the college essay writing, some essential differences between custom high school essay and custom college essays that has to be noted.

Generally, writing a five paragraph essay is the standard of any high school and those five paragraphs contain all the ideas and relevant points. On the contrary, college essays are much more difficult to tackle.

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This kind of a custom essay paper provides an inner framework which provides a guideline till the end.

To begin with, more grade points are given if strong arguments are mentioned in the essay without any ambiguity. An argument written in a college essay is necessarily one with complex ideas and facts arranged rationally and systematically. It means that any idea or fact or information has to be attested with evidence and it should be taken care that to any given information there should be more than single supportive evidence.

Irrespective of the type of custom essay paper one is writing, the arguments that are mentioned should be more or less provocative in nature. It should be informative as well as analytical.

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The reader should feel compelled to make an opinion after reading the essay. The essay should be convincing enough to the reader. The essay should be written in a manner that it appears as a conversation between the reader and the writer where both are trying to reach a common and right conclusion. This kind of an essay will be like a descriptive monologue.

By writing such an essay, it reflects to the professor that the writer is in practice of writing essays by coupling the right kind of information with evidence and analysis.

One should not lose track of the point being made in the argument. Another difference between a high school essay and a college essay is that in a high school essay one has to mention a point in the form of a statement without any analysis or evaluation.

The kind of essay that will suit the sensibility of a high school teacher will never satisfy the precision of a college professor. The level of perfection is visible in the essay if by reading the context of the matter in the college essay, one can make out by himself the point that is being made. The readers should be able to read between the lines. Although care should be taken that the essay is not vague. With practice and the art of drafting, one becomes comfortable with writing college essays.

The third difference between the two types of essays is in the structure. College essays are usually longer in size than five paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of more than eight sentences.

The college essay topics are not amateur topics like that of ‘My family" unless it is being written under the persuasive essays where probably your family and you have a major role in stopping terrorism attesting it with strong arguments.

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Usually, the topic to be taken for a college essay should be realistic, serious and deep.

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