Description Essay

What Is a Description Essay? A description essay, also called a descriptive essay, is meant to bring the reader up close to the subject matter in order for them to understand it clearly. This type of writing is used in various guises in the sciences, social sciences and humanities fields.

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If you can accurately describe an object, then you can apply the same skill set to describing a biological process, an event, or a political system. For instance, students of art history may need to describe a sculpture in terms of appearance, volume, materials, and placement or situation. While students of biology may be required to describe how a tapeworm enters the human system.

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Structure for a Description Essay Since the whole point of the essay is to help the reader understand the process or objects being described, it is important to include only the necessary details. Think about when you are searching the Net – if too much information is available then you are not sure what is actually useful. As a general rule, the more limited the topic, the more detail you can go into. The broader the topic, the less detail is required. An examination of an apple can be very detailed, bringing in all the five senses. On the other hand, a description essay that deals with the UK justice system needs careful planning as to what information should be included in order to get your message across.

You can decide on which details to include by asking yourself what you want the reader to understand about the subject. What is important for him or her to know about it? What impression should he or she take away from the essay? What is the strict topic of the essay? Topics for a Description Essay The key to narrowing down the scope of descriptive detail is to select a specific topic within the assignment subject. Or, if you have been given a topic, to make sure your thesis statement is also clearly defined so that you know what you need to say. Do not include extraneous details even if they are very interesting – you will need to focus if your reader is to stay focused.

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To use the UK justice system example, you would want to narrow down your topic to something like the structure of the judiciary. Make It Simple – Buy Your Custom-Written Description Essay Online You won’t find a better deal on a tailor-made writing service. Our prices are cheap for what we offer – completely original assignments, accurate citations from credible sources, perfect language and style, and free references pages. Check out our sample topics and essays today.

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