Deductive essays

Deduction is a form of reasoning that uses a broad picture (premise) to make a reasonable guess as to what will happen in a specific situation or what will be (conclusion). Deductive essays are assigned to test students’ analytical and persuasive abilities.

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The most famous piece of deductive logic states: 1. All men are mortal. 2. Socrates is a man. 3. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. You can see how we arrive at the conclusion (3) from the first premise (1), via the evidence (2).

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A deductive essay will follow the standard essay structure of introduction, body text, conclusion and references. The premise will be stated in the introduction, along with the thesis statement and how you plan to prove the thesis. The evidence will be evaluated in the body text, with each point referring back to the premise and thesis statement. The conclusion will sum up the results of the evidence and discuss whether your thesis was supported or not.

In a deductive essay, the premise is the broad rule and acts like the foundation for the rest of the essay. Remember that because this type of logic assumes that the premise is true, you must be careful when applying it. It can, in fact, be false – i.e., it doesn’t apply in all situations. This can have implications for your conclusion, which will be valid if it obeys the premise, but unsound if the premise is false. The evidence is the link between the premise and conclusion. It explains how a specific item fits into the category created by the premise. For example, you could say that all cats shed fur, the Don Sphynx is a cat, therefore the Don Sphynx sheds fur. However, the Don Sphynx breed of cat is hairless so it cannot shed fur. While the evidence fits into the premise category of ‘cat’, and the conclusion obeys the premise (making it valid), the fact that the premise is false means that the conclusion is also false, and therefore unsound.

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You should be sure your conclusion is sound (both valid and true) by researching current developments in your chosen topic. If the conclusion of your deductive essay turns out to be false, then you must discuss this and what it means for your thesis statement and the premise. Searching for Help With Deductive Essays Online? You can buy a cheap custom essay-writing service at that will ensure your assignment is well structured, logical and fully referenced. Take a look at our essay samples and topic ideas.

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