Crucible Essay

The Crucible Background Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is one of the most difficult plays to write an essay about as it contains so many interlocking themes. For the same reason, a Crucible essay is one of the most common high school and early college assignments. The play is set in the late seventeenth century in Salem, Massachusetts at the time of the witch trials. It examines the personal and communal frictions and moral issues that arise when humans try to judge others. Crucible Essay Tips You may be assigned a theme to write on, but if you are not, or if you want to prepare yourself with some ideas in advance, some themes to consider for a Crucible essay are: Reputation, Sin and Guilt, Authority and Dissent, Community vs Individual.

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Some things you should consider as you address these themes are: how does Miller use literary techniques to deal with these major themes? How successful is he with these techniques? Did your understanding of certain themes develop while reading the play? Why? Techniques used in The Crucible are: characterization, setting (time, place), language (tone, dialogue), and symbolism (imagery, metaphor). It is important to consider the context in which the play was written as well as the literary details themselves. All great works of art and literature say something about the human condition, so you should take into account what the playwright was attempting to say and why. What was happening in Miller’s world at the time he wrote this work? How do the plot and style of writing reflect these events and the author’s state of mind?

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The instructor will want to see that you have not only read the play, but that you can evaluate the playwright’s use of literary techniques, and assess how their use brings out the important themes he deals with. Get Online Help With Your Crucible Essay As with any critical essay, a Crucible essay will require you to have a thorough knowledge of the characters, plot, timeline and setting of the play. You will not be able to analyze the work without this knowledge, so if you have not read the work or you do not understand it or you cannot figure out what the assignment is asking of you, hire professionals to take care of the job.

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