Controversial essays

All essays require the writer to state an opinion and then prove it by using factual evidence. A controversial essay deals with a topic that arouses strong opinions on an ongoing basis. Some examples are: abortion, global warming, the decriminalization of drug use, and the privatization of public institutions like universities and health care.

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Controversial essays are most often assigned in high school and first-year college courses, in order to make sure students are aware of the current context of the issues they are studying. Courses that assign this type of essay include political science, history, philosophy and sociology. When planning the essay it is vital that students take a solid position on their chosen topic. To do this it is necessary to make some initial research to ensure the topic is both current and relatively easy to find materials on. A topic can be very controversial but not well studied, which makes it difficult to support a thesis statement with factual evidence.

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Once the student has selected a suitably narrow, focused topic, he or she can create the thesis statement that will be proven in the course of the controversial essay. This statement will come in the latter part of the introduction. The introduction itself should give background details of the topic, explain why it causes controversy, why it has been chosen as the topic of the essay, and how the essay will prove the thesis statement.

The body of the essay will be where the supporting factual evidence is given. It must be written in a logical manner, with the points linked together stylistically. The student should choose how many points to make based on the length of the essay and on the strength of the evidence found in the research. Obviously it is best to use the strongest pieces of evidence found. As this is a controversial essay, the body text should discuss the opposing view on the topic in the context of the points he or she is making. So each piece of supporting evidence will be measured against its counterargument (if there is one). The writer should structure the argument in order to make appeals to the reader’s sense of logic, ethics, and, if necessary, emotion.

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The conclusion of the controversial essay is meant to summarize the evidence and review the thesis statement in the context of the evidence presented. It does not have to present a final word on the topic. In fact, in this style of essay it is normal to arouse further argument or questions with the concluding statements. Controversies are never finished by one discussion, and an essay is no exception. Finally, the student must make sure that the citation system used is correct and that there is a complete references or works cited list. Custom Essay-Writing and Advice Service If this style of writing and argument seems daunting, there is an easier way to complete a controversial essay. Buy samples, essays, research papers and search prime topics online. is a high-quality essay-writing company that supplies students with academic papers of all kinds. Your time is not cheap. By using the resources and experience of our team of experienced editors and writers, you will save time and worry.

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