Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are based on the student’s ability to sort and classify information, which is then used to support an argument. This type of essay takes two or more subjects and shows the similarities and differences between them on several fronts. The purpose of comparing and contrasting is both to answer a core question posed by the instructor or examiner, and to give a structure of support for a thesis statement.

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Some example essay questions might be:

  • Compare and contrast the characters of Quentin Compson and Jason Compson in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury.
  • There has been much controversy over organic foods and whether they offer any benefits over non-organic foods. Discuss.
  • Illustrate the similarities and differences between the Australian and the French presidential systems.
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In any compare and contrast essay it is useful to remember that the skills required are ones that students use in their daily lives. Everyone weighs up situations, objects and people on a regular basis in order to make decisions. To write this sort of essay only requires an extra degree of organization, so that the person reading is completely clear about what conclusions are drawn and why. There are no ‘trick questions’ in a compare and contrast essay. However, it is essential that the student knows the subject matter well. If not, then he or she will be unable to come up with any material with which to answer a fairly basic question.

When writing this type of essay, it is good practice to balance the similarities and differences between the subjects. Not only can this give the student more material from which to develop the argument, but it also shows that the extent of the student’s knowledge is not limited to a few points. Instructors will grade the compare-and-contrast essay partly on how well informed the student appears to be. There can be more weight given to the similarities or the differences, depending on the opinion given by the student. In other words, while the subjects may have three things in common and three differences, the student can show that the differences are more important. Buy Your Compare and Contrast Essay Online Now The fastest, easiest way to get an assignment delivered on time is to use a professional, efficient service for essay writing. You can get a custom essay from that suits your level of study, your course requirements and your schedule. If you are looking for a reliable, cheap way to get a good grade without wasting time in the library or sat in front of the computer screen, turn to us.

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