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Communication involves giving and receiving information in a logical, clear fashion. Communications studies are about how technology, culture, political and social conditions affect people’s ability to get messages across to each other. Because human beings interact on so many different levels, communications studies involve semiotics, sociology, political science, economics, and psychology components, among others. In addition, courses can be composed of modules on mass media, rhetoric, literary criticism, organizational communication and interpersonal communication, depending on your level of study.

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Therefore, a student’s communication essay could have literary criticism as its subject matter, and analyze the topic from a sociological perspective. Or the student could examine organizational communication from a political science perspective. The question for most students is how to narrow the topic down to the extent that it is manageable, while still saying something of value. A communication essay can be most interesting for students to research and write on, as technology and new media are altering our modes of interaction very quickly. Yet at the same time, it is a subject that can trace its roots back to the time of Aristotle. A high-quality paper on this subject is very difficult to write due to the complexity of the material.

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To achieve maximum points a student will need to demonstrate through knowledge of the chosen topic and its place in the field of communications studies, as well as the ability to write well and structure an essay properly. It is important for the student to show that he or she has a well-thought-out opinion on the topic, especially as this is an area of study that everyone has direct experience of. A lot of planning and research must go into the thesis statement of a communication essay if a student wants to stand out.

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