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So, you’ve made it into college and now you realize just how much work you need to do just to keep on top of things. College essays take up more time and require more effort than studying for exams. You need to be organized, have great research and analysis skills, and write well. If you have problems with any of these areas, or just feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Stuck with an assignment on medieval history? Not sure what topic to select for your college essay on liberal democracy? Perhaps you are in first-year biology and need to compare plant cell structures for a written assignment.

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Whatever the subject is that you are studying, the essay component will be an important part of your grade. Therefore, you should know the basic essay structure – introduction, thesis-linked supporting body paragraphs, conclusion, references, and any appendices – as well as how to conduct research, organize information, and cite references correctly. Most professors will assume you know how to do all these things already, so if you need help you can go online to get it.

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Why do students come back to us for all sorts of college essays, term papers, research papers and dissertations? Because we employ professional writers and editors who have academic experience. They know what is required of students at college, graduate and postgraduate levels. Why not take advantage of their skills and ask for some advice on choosing a strong topic, or writing an outline or thesis statement? Avoid hours spent in the library or searching the web for resources that may not be credible. Our team performs tailored research quickly and efficiently, and is familiar with all the citation styles from Harvard to MLA to Chicago.

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If you write your own essay it will be free, but it will cost you time and stress. Our college essays are well researched and written with style, and they are cheap. You simply cannot go wrong – just let us know what your course requirements and assignment details are and we will get to work on your individual paper.

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