College Application Essay

What Makes a Great College Application Essay? No matter what college you are applying to, the essay you write should demonstrate not just your ability to express yourself with style and precision, but also your ability to self-analyze and define your ambitions.

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With this in mind, it can often help to map out what goals you have for study, career, social experiences and life experiences. Ask yourself why and how you want to achieve your goals. If you are applying to a college known for its arts programs, how would you contribute to the learning experience of other students? If you value sports facilities, is this related to your career expectations or is it social? There are no ‘wrong’ answers as long as you use your application essay to demonstrate a level of awareness and maturity.

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College Application Essay Tips 1. Answer the questions asked. They are there for a reason. Many students get caught up in their writing and do not actually answer the questions. 2. Make the essay specific to your goals and life. This is what will help you get an interview, so do not be bland or without opinions. 3. Use a range of vocabulary, but do not be too flowery. Do not show off in your language – it is what you have done and plan to do that counts. 4. Know the college. Writing a college application essay is just like applying for a job – if you show you have made the effort to find out about the place then it means you are really interested.

Getting Inspiration for College Application Essays Take the questions in the application as your starting point, but use your own initiative when figuring out how to get the information across. What accomplishments made you the most proud? Is your style of communication sharp and concise or conversational? How do you think people see you compared to how you see yourself? All these questions can inspire you to look at why you like certain things, and the answers can affect how you write your essay. Search For Custom College Application Essays Online Prospective college applicants can find samples of application essays on our site to use as models. Or buy a 100% original, made-to-measure essay that is written by an experienced professional. See how we can help.

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