Classification Essay

The classification essay comes in two forms: classification and rate and evaluate. The former presents the topic by sorting information into logical groups according to consistent standards. The latter presents the topic by analyzing information based on specified criteria and producing a rank order. Both these essay subtypes have the same purpose: to demonstrate the student’s ability to find credible sources, organize the information found and investigate this information. If you assume that the point of organizing data is to help you to analyze it more productively, then the most important element of any classification essay is the organizational structure. This structure must be consistent and it must be logical.

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Examples of Classification Essays For example, you decide to classify your monthly outgoings into Essential, Reasonable, Waste of Money. Now you must clarify what constitutes a Reasonable expenditure versus a Waste of Money expenditure, and stick to this division. If Reasonable covers small luxuries, then you cannot stick chocolate bars into the Waste of Money category.

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A rate and evaluate version could involve rating your local supermarket based on the amount of fresh goods it sells and the level of service. If you want to access to a range of examples of this, or any other, type of essay then go to Take advantage of our custom writing and research services.

Important Tips Things to keep in mind when planning and writing a classification essay: 1. Use categories that will help you to evaluate the information 2. Keep to your organizational structure 3. Make sure each category is supported by enough examples from the information This does not mean that a student should only use simple, obvious categories for organizing the data. It is also possible – and could be better for presenting your topic – to make categories that bring out interesting contrast in the information. For example, classifying politicians across the political spectrum according to background, education, age and work experience.

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