Different Christmas Traditions in the World

The birth of Jesus Christ is a widely celebrated holiday beloved all over the world. This day is usually full of kindness, happiness, and love. With these features in common, many countries have developed a specific approach to the celebration. Below are some peculiarities of certain countries.

Christmas around the World

  1. France. A legend says that the tradition to decorate pine trees for Christmas came from France. Thus, it’s not surprising that they keep it alive with decorations extending to the whole Alsace region. Celebrations start on December 6 when Saint Nicolas brings small presents for children. On Christmas Eve, polished shoes are left out next to the chimney and are filled with sweets in the morning.
  2. Germany. One of the symbols of German Christmas is Christmas markets. They are usually set in the center of every city. Despite the fact that the Germans start decorating their houses in early December, Christmas trees appear only in the morning of December 24.
  3. Australia. The Australians break the traditions of how people celebrate Christmas because it’s a summer holiday there. As a result, the most popular place of celebration is the beach where they sing carols. Another form of festivities involves picnics held by different churches.
  4. Iceland. Why should you have one Santa Claus when you can have 13 folklore creatures resembling him. That’s something you will come across in Iceland. However, be careful, they are not as merry and likable as our old friend Santa is.
  5. South Africa. Just like in Australia, Christmas in South Africa is very warm. So, people enjoy themselves outside. Traditionally, they gather together to treat themselves to a nice BBQ and spend a great time with their families. In addition, there are many concerts during the pre-Christmas week.
  6. Philippines. In the Philippines, the streets become magical at Christmas night since one of the symbols of this holiday is a paper lantern called paról. It usually has the shape of a star to signify the star of Bethlehem. These lanterns can be bought virtually everywhere since everyone should have one.

We hope these fun facts about Christmas gave you a better idea of how this day is celebrated around the world. As you can see, it all comes down to receiving love and giving it back.

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