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Often observed, many people search for cheap custom essays for taking help of services like the custom essay. The evident wish to get the better of two things, saving on the maximum possible amount and availing the services to get quality essays is definitely understandable. But the point that needs to be addressed here is the reason for such cheap services. The attention should be paid to the cause of offering the said services at reduced rates, before you choose to hand over your work to one of them.

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We all know the well known business principle that every business tries to increase its profit and capitalises in on every chance of gain. And actual custom writing is a business. So, in case of the cheap custom services, the matter under consideration is the incongruity and disagreement between the two facts.

If thought carefully one can understand that there is no charity service paying for the essays ordered by you. This only signifies that there are other ways and methods available to the service providers to save their costs and hence offering a reduced price.

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These ways can be anything ranging from low quality writings to using plagiarism or selling your work again in order to offer competitive prices.

Most commonly inferior quality of the essay is the major reason for the low rates. This may be due to the inexperienced or unprofessional writers, contradicting to what has been emphasised in their profile. The incompetent writers may complete the work by copying the text in parts from the previously written text. And the result of paying for $9. 00 per page, seemingly an intelligent decision, may end up being more costly as a result of the poor job and consequent accusations of committing educational fraud.

Another form of low grade work can be not to finish the work by the set time. Taking advantage of the fact that majority of their customers are inconsistent in completing their work and meeting the deadlines. So instead of increasing the work force, reduction in price is offered to lure more customers and thus the performance sacrificed. The essay is received days later than when it was required with an apology note.

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Also these services do not offer any refund or compensation.

Here the stress is not to go for only costly services, though there are certain reasons for excessive prices but to search for the best suitable option available. An adequate evaluation of services must be done and a mid way searched for. An expensive service may sound plain or even unattractive but it is undoubtedly way safer.

There are few custom services which provide writing services across different countries, writing on various topics. These also services round the clock with flexible purchase process and easy buying procedure.

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