Book Review Essay

Writing a book review essay is a key aspect of almost any curriculum, but especially in the case of English students. Also known as a “literary review”, book review essays should nevertheless not be mistaken with book reports, as their nature is always subjective. Remember that when the time comes to write a book review essay, make sure you understand what is required of you before you begin, as that way you will be able to comprehensively review any book and write an essay that is most effective.

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Understanding the requirements of the book review essay is vital, because many professors ask for different things. Therefore, always take the time to read and understand the instructions regarding the essay before you begin writing. One difference is book reviews is that some professors like their students to review only one title, which they chose by themselves. Meanwhile, other professors will tell the students to select their own books for review. In any case, no matter what the book is that you have to review, take time to carefully read through it and make sure you understand it completely. It is a good idea to take lots of notes as you are reading through the book.

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In order to analyze the reading material properly, one thing that you must do is report the main events that happen in the story in a way that is completely neutral. This means stating the ideas, facts and events which occur without adding your personal opinions to them, while focusing on the points you consider to be the most important. Your book review essay will need to include an interpretive portion, which is basically where you analyze why and how the writer has put the story together in a certain way. You also need to consider the relationships of certain characters, facts, ideas and events that take place in the story.

A solid conclusion is also a vital part of your essay, which should combine the two main parts of your writing. Here, you need to combine your own interpretation of events in the story with your own summary, so that you can generalize what takes place so your readers understand your viewpoints. Additionally, you may want to analyze the book’s context in relation to the author’s own life and times. This step will require additional research about the author and where and when they lived. Alternatively, you may want to write a comparison book review essay, which compared two different books written by the same person.

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Lastly, make sure you understand the flexibility you are often given with regards to book review essays. Remember that a book review needs to be subjective, carefully analyzing the ideas, events and themes of the book, and how the author conveyed them. You may consider that this is all too much of a challenge, in which case, you might be interested to buy a custom made book review paper for very cheap. We offer an excellent online academic writing service that is just perfect for such assignments as these.

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