Argument Essay

An argument essay is one of the most assigned topics at universities and colleges in America. Most courses and subjects require an argument paper from their students because it is a form of evaluation. It assesses a student’s capabilities in writing, organizing and arguing. It is also a way to look into a student’s own perspective, ideas and way of thinking. Usually an issue is presented and a student is required to make his own position regarding the issue; he or she will have to put together his own ideas together with relevant data and evidence that will defend his position.

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What makes a good argument essay? Since ancient times, even during the period of Ancient Greece, argumentation and debate has been a form of art highly regarded by philosophers and intellectuals. It was a favorite pastime of the Greeks and their musings have become valuable literature to us today. Argumentation is not simply arguing or taking sides. It is the art of manipulating words, expressions and information to defend one’s own proposition. The argument of either side results to a deeper insight into a particular issue. Hence, new knowledge is created. The goal of an argument essay then, is not plainly to convince others to side with their view but to convince them that their arguments are more logical, more reasonable and more sound compared to other viewpoints on the topic.

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Nowadays, common argument essay topics are about the Iraq war, cloning, stem cell research, surrogate motherhood, etc. There are always two sides to a coin and all these issues have various sides worth looking at. Students usually go with the “pros” and the “cons” of an issue. The first thing to consider before making an argument is to determine what the issue is. What is the question pertaining to the issue? An example, is economical advancement tantamount to environment degradation? It does not always have to be limited to pros and cons.

The key to making an excellent argument essay is the content. If the grammar is flawless but the content is insubstantial, then the essay is done poorly. Research the issue and construct data according to your paper’s position. Consider counterarguments for the opposing side. Support the arguments with valid proof or evidence. Make sure that the statistics you use are relevant and up to date.

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