APA Format Essay

APA is short for American Psychological Association. APA is a format of writing followed in creating academic essays for different levels of education. An APA format essay, therefore, is an essay that follows the strict guidelines of an APA format. When compared to other formats of writing essays, the APA writing style differs in the way resources and quotes are referenced. Since writing formal essays require proper citations and references, the APA style of writing also involves proper illustration of sources. All borrowed ideas must be quoted and referenced, or else it would be considered as plagiarized from the works of other writers. Although the main difference in an APA format essay is the way references are written, the APA style of writing begins in creating a good outline for your essay. This entails noting the important details and points that should be included in the writing.

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In general, the APA or American Psychological Association style of writing is used in different academic requirements in universities and colleges. APA format essays range in topics; they may focus on Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Business, Education or other subjects related to social science. When writing an APA format essay, there is a standard format to be followed, as well as margins and headings, fonts and referencing. A lot of students are not familiar with writing an APA format essay, despite the importance of learning it especially when in college. The following are a few tips on writing in APA style.

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  • Quotations: When quoting more than forty words from a specific resource in an APA format essay, there should be a five-space indent for the quotation, and the name of the author, the year the book or writing was published and the page number in parenthesis.
  • References: References in APA format essays should be placed at the bottom of the essay. All sources, whether printed or not, should be referenced in this format; the last names of the authors in alphabetical order, then the year of publication enclosed in parenthesis. Titles should be underlined with all significant words (first words, names and all words subsequent to a colon) in upper case. References only include the author’s last name and the initials of the first and middle names after the last name. The publisher’s name and the press are cited in the reference.
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  • Format of the essay: The required format and outlining of an APA format essay is as follows: the sides of the page should have 1 inch margins, with each page having an 8.5 by 11 inch size; font should be in Times New Roman, size 12 with a page number at the upper right hand corner of each page. APA format essay cover pages also have specific formatting required. It is important to follow all guidelines that the APA writing style requires once it is stipulated in an academic requirement. This way, a student can be sure that he will not get demerits on his paper.

It may seem like a difficult thing to do, as following specific formats of writing entails sharpness and attention to detail, but having a short outline of the format will help in making students remember each one. Alternatively, you can instead check online and buy cheap custom made APA essays from a professional academic writing service such as Qualityessay.com.

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