Analytic Essay

An analytical essay is a review paper on a chosen subject; it could be on an article, research, book, etc. It requires thorough research about the topic and it revolves around the argument of the author regarding how he or she assessed the book, article, etc. The main purpose of the analytical paper is to provide meaningful feedback of a written work that the author has read. After reading the chosen text, the author has to come up with a valid argument about it. He or she has to research on helpful and relevant information pertaining to the central argument. The strengths, weaknesses and recommendations of text can also be included. To support the argument, there should be supporting details derived from credible resources such as interviews of experts, books, statistics, academic journals and the like. The analytical essay needs evidence to support the author’s views. For example, if the author disagrees with a book’s argument then what is his or her basis for saying so?

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In forming an analytical essay follow the standard rules and guidelines in writing the academic papers in your school. First, the paper has to be coherent and logical. Do this by drafting an outline to manage the flow of ideas in your essay. Will you discuss your main topic at a chronological or thematic order? The order of the details has to make sense because otherwise, the readers will not be able to understand what you are trying to say. Begin the essay with the summary or background of the document you are reviewing. This will lead the readers into the key arguments of your essay. Just make sure that you cite particular evidences from the document to match your claims.

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The analytical essay isolates a problem that the writer has observed after reading the material and then he or she should discuss a solution to it. Actually, there are many considerations to make a successful analytical paper and most students have a hard time creating one. It takes years of experience to be skillful in writing and often, it is better to ask help from professional writers.

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