Analysis Essay

The analysis essay can serve various purposes; it can be a critical review of an article, research, observation, issue, etc. This academic paper mainly involves analysis and thus, the name of the essay. It requires critical thinking, various approaches and thorough research. This type of writing does not make use of the author’s point of view nor does it conduct arguments to persuade the audience. Instead, it views the topics as one would look at the object of the experiment. It does not take into account personal biases but it relies mostly on facts, results, evidence and proof.

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Professors reserve the analysis essay to assess the students’ capability for critical thinking, for organization of details and for insight. This writing assignment tests the students’ ability to use the mind to come up with new ideas based on existing knowledge from previous research, articles, etc.

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The analysis essay requires a thesis statement and it should ideally be placed within the first ¼ of the essay. The thesis statement consists of a sentence or more that briefly states what the whole essay is about. It could be the position of the author in an argument or it could be a statement explaining how the argument will be presented in the paper. Otherwise, the thesis could be the general idea or the main point of the essay. In the analysis paper, the object of the analysis refers to the subject that the paper will revolve around; the writer will then decide the method of how the subject will be analyzed. One example of an analysis essay is a critical assessment of the election campaign ads used by a politician or a political party. This includes the commercials, the newspaper ads, various print ads, radio jingles, mailings, etc. The essay can possibly revolve around assessing the ways of manipulating media to present the candidates in a favorable light. It could focus on the language being used by the advertisements to package the candidates to be worthy of the people’s votes. The essay can then have a thesis statement like this: “During the election, two competing political parties took advantage of the media by manipulating the language used in their campaign advertisements to present biased “truths” and “claims” that suggest damage to their opposition. The media forms used (television and radio commercials, newspaper ads and political mailings) were analyzed from the campaign period up to the election dates and the results revealed both parties opposing each other with aggressive accusations through cunning use of political rhetoric”.

Thus, the analysis essay is a study on various phenomena wherein the writer zooms in using his or her own perspective. To make a compelling analysis paper, seek a professional writing service online. For a cheap fee, the experts will assist you with your custom paper. You can buy the paper from them. The research, findings and analysis will be all taken care of as well. It is a worthy alternative to writing the paper on your own. Plus, guarantees an exemplary academic paper!

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