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Adolescent essay

Writing an adolescent essay can be a challenge. You start with a blank paper and you are expected to come up with a coherent jumble of sentences, meanings, etc. The process of writing an essay is like creating a piece of art. The writer is likened to the painter facing an empty canvas, brush in hand. Just as a painter needs inspiration to start the painting, a writer needs research and inspiration too. In the course of writing and painting, every stroke and every sentence made is borne out of technique; the more refined, the better quality. How then should you begin an impressive adolescent essay? Here are tips you can follow:

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1. Begin your essay with a famous quote or an inspiring statement that best relates to what your essay is about. This technique is often used by writers to entice their readers to keep on reading. Examples are: “Adolescents are people who are currently between stages. Teenagers meanwhile, are sort of there all the time. The odd thing of living with the wide range of joys and hopes and pitying moments that teens have was that, strangely, the experience helped to make me mature”.

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“Attempting to find your place in the world, that is an almost a universal feeling amongst adults. I’m yet to meet an adolescent person who has adjusted perfectly to their environment.” 2. Relate with your audience by adding a personal touch at the start of your story. Share your own experience relating to the adolescent essay. Readers are more likely to appreciate an essay that they can relate to. Examples are: “I faced similar challenges during my years of adolescence. I had to face problems like…” “When I was a teenager, I always…”

3. You can also make use of the latest headlines or news that directly relate to your topic. It instantly adds evidence and facts to your adolescent essay. Example: “In 1998, adolescents were far more likely than other people to fall victim to acts of violent crime. At that time, around 35% of violent crime victims were aged between 12 years and 19 years, while 50% were younger than 25.” - Bureau of Justice Statistics

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4. Choose an intriguing question to grab the attention of the readers. You can start with the question right away or develop it in the paragraphs. Examples are: “Why are teenagers continuously involving themselves with abusive drugs though they know it’s already ruining their lives?” “Most teenagers go through a “rebellious” phase. Are the teenagers the only ones to blame? What about their parents?” 5. If you run out of ideas, you can always start with a brief summary about what you will be talking about in your essay. If these tips still did not help. You can always look into profession help online that provides a writing service. Simply buy a custom adolescent essay at a cheap price and you won’t have to worry about how to start a paper, what to write and how you can pass it in on time.

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