Abortion Essay

Abortion is a medical procedure that ends pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo in a woman’s uterus. An abortion essay, on the other hand, is a document that is written to support or rebut the abortion procedure. Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been the center of debate between pro-choice activists and pro-life advocates. Pro-choice activists endorse and push for the legalization of abortion. The latter does not accept abortion because of political or religious bases.

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Abortion is done through different manners, and although there are countries where it is prohibited and punishable by law, it is nonetheless widely practiced through alternative methods. Some people buy uterine inducing pills or medications, or sometimes use herbal preparations which are cheap and accessible especially in the eastern part of the world. Others hire abortionists who provide their service at very low prices, but are not licensed or properly trained. Regardless of the particular method used, abortion is considered a favorite topic amongst different arguments, whether academic or political.

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An abortion essay is a non-verbal form of support or criticism on abortion and the many different ways it is completed. In this case, an abortion essay that supports the practice provides the practical reasons for approving the procedure, such as the opportunity to choose between providing a desirable life to the baby or keeping her away from the harsh reality of the world. The goal of this type of abortion essay is to convince people to support, endorse and allow abortions. Consequently, the writer illustrates how abortion can become beneficial to women and all of humanity in general. He or she puts emphasis on the pro-choice view regarding abortion.

On the other hand, an abortion essay that criticizes the act of aborting a fetus gives details on the negative effects and implications of abortion. The main intention of the writer is to convince people that abortion is against the natural course of life that starts at conception. He or she also focuses on abortion as a sin and a defiance to God’s will. An abortion essay that opposes the said procedure stresses facts and supporting data that will prove that the growing custom of accepting abortion does not necessarily imply the righteousness of the act. It is the main purpose and objective of the writer to present contentions and reasons that will counter and disprove the practice. Moreover, there are abortion essays that do not have sides for or against abortion. They merely state facts and figures regarding abortion.

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Abortion essays are usually found online where millions of people are the targeted audience. People often upload their writings on the internet for it to reach as many people as possible. Abortion essays that try to convince people to take sides should be sent out to the public where there is room for comments and reactions so that a concrete review will be done. The internet is a good venue for the exchange of thoughts from different people on different matters regarding abortion.

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