Essay Conclusion

Finish The Essay With a Powerful Conclusion An essay is comprised of three main parts. First there is an introductory paragraph that gives the reader a synopsis of what the essay is about. Second, there is a paragraph or several paragraphs that supply the back up for the introductory paragraph and this is called the main body of the essay. Finally, there is a conclusion paragraph and it is designed to tie everything together and wrap it in a neat bow. It contains a bit of a summary and reiterates the main point made in the introductory paragraph.

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Throughout the entire essay, the theme should remain the same. Basically, all essay should introduce a main topic, present the reasons or ideas that backs the topic with compelling thoughts and ideas and a finish or conclusion that will persuade the reader to agree with the essay.

Quite often the writer will begin the final paragraph with the words, ‘in conclusion’. Following this he will restate, in different words, the synopsis from the introduction. There could be phrases like ‘as you can see’, ‘supported by’, ‘referenced by’, and so on.

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If the writer wants to step it up a notch, instead of using this kind of phraseology, he could try ‘a clear link has therefore emerged between’ or ‘it has become apparent by’. Following this opening statement, the writer will support the body of the paragraph by stating what the introductory paragraph has proposed.

Ultimately, the conclusion will summarize the main points brought out in the body of the essay and tie it up as a complete package. The reader has had an opportunity to read the introduction which literally introduces the main theme of the essay.

He then reads the main body of the essay and finally reaches an opinion, position, or judgement after considering the argument or evidence provided.

The reason an essay paper must have a conclusion is to end the essay and not leave it hanging with no logical ending. Normally the conclusion can be accomplished in one paragraph but should always be in proportion to the length of the entire essay. Just as with any conversation, the conclusion brings to an end the whole thought.

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Restating the main theme reiterates to the reader what the essay was about. Bring together the main points and say it in a way that makes the reader want to believe what has been discussed. Complete the conclusion with an impact statement that not only finalises the essay but makes a huge lasting effect on the reader. Some essays are designed to persuade, some are written simply to compare and some are explanatory and descriptive. Whether the writer is giving an evaluation or merely telling a narrative, it is imperative that the concluding paragraph ties all the thoughts in the previous paragraphs together.

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