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7 Part-Time Jobs You Can Live on

7 Part-Time Jobs You Can Live on

Whether you’re a student who is looking for extra money or a worker who can’t make the ends meet, part-time jobs are great for increasing your income while not dedicating all your time and efforts to only one activity. Here’s a list of 7 part-time jobs that might turn out really profitable.

Writer/Editor. Freelance writer or editor is one of the most common part-time jobs today. And it’s reasonable – you can work from your couch, set your own schedule as well as the money you expect to get. Working on anything ranging from blogs to newspapers, you can earn hundreds of dollars provided you have some writing skills.

Rideshare Driver. If you have a car that you use regularly, a smartphone and no criminal record, consider giving lifts to people for money. Ridesharing is flexible, so no one will make you drive when you don’t feel like doing it, but when you do, you can earn some cash. Especially lucrative periods are Fridays and weekend nights.

Translator. If you have a good command of two or more languages, consider doing written or oral translation. The latter is, of course, a lot more challenging and requires experience. Translation of written text is simpler but still requires solid knowledge of both languages. If you think you possess that skills, give translation a try.

Music instructor. Remember that old violin your parents made you play in school? That skill might come in handy when you have a chance to teach someone else. The more experience you have in the field, the more you can earn from private lessons. Same refers to when you can play some exotic instruments that not many people know how to use.

Tutor. Similar to the previous job, being a tutor requires sharing your knowledge with someone. If you have a knack for certain subjects, consider helping out those who find them difficult. You also decide for yourself how much you want to charge, but we would recommend setting the price based on your level of knowledge and innate teaching skills.

Waiter. No one has canceled the good old classics of part-time jobs – waitressing. There is no certain amount of how much an average waiter earns, but the fact that this job can be profitable is obvious. If you’re social, willing to take extra hours and your working place is popular among customers, you can make a living just from this gig.

Note taker. College students who have hearing impairment often opt for the help of note takers. All you have to do is to attend a certain class regularly and make notes of the main information presented by the lecturer. Not only will you help someone and earn money, but you will also learn something new during the classes.

Consider these part-time jobs for extra income and you might not even notice but find an activity that you will be passionate about.

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