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6 Ways to settle down your worries before speaking

6 Ways to settle down your worries before speaking

Linda is about to outspeak concerning the road that the Board of Trustees wants to build through her neighborhood, but something interferes her. It’s her anxiety.

It’s actually a widespread problem, and if you want to speak up effectively, you better calm down your nervousness. 

Even if you are not a public speaker, we all know casual situations were a speech is required, so you need to be ready anytime. 

Now, I’ll present 6 tips on how to overcome your nerves while speaking in public:  

Tip #1: Drink water
Once I watched my friend talking to a judge in a small claims court. Straight away his speech became uncomfortable to hear and his lips turned white. Later I figured out that such a thing called “cotton mouth” and is common for people who are worrying. To avoid it, have a bottle of water with you all the time and drink it when needed.  

Tip #2: Stay Fit 
When you’re planning to speak up somewhere, it’s a great idea to work out in advance. According to the experiments at Mayo Clinic, exercises can elevate the level of endorphins and increase the body temperature, which can have a calming effect. Even smiling at random people you walk by or say "Hi" to someone in the gym can help you to calm down. 

Tip #3: Stimulate Your Brain with Visualizations and Laughter before You Speak 
Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are nervous until it’s our turn to speak. You can try different methods to calm down, such as looking at a baby photo or laughing at a joke. Try to visualize each of your steps; it can also help you to stay calm, focused and ready for unexpected turns.

Tip #4: Respond to Your Body
Have you ever experienced a sudden attack of nervousness in the middle of a performance? Once, when I was speaking, my leg started to shake and I was unable to do anything with it, so I regardlessly continued. In such cases, it would be smart to find a place to pause, take a deep breath and then go on. 

Tip #5: Rein in Your Inside
Nervousness isn’t always bad. In addition, good stress helps you to speak more clearly and be more focused. A negative energy can be easily transformed into a positive one, which can help you to get all the attention during the speech. But don’t overestimate this method, find the golden middle and then move on. 

Tip #6: Be Ready
So far, everything’s been about calming yourself down. But if you are not ready to speak previously, it may be an epic fail. Be 100% sure of each line of your speech and then practice. Find a coach or a relative to listen to your performance. Record yourself and then playback the video to know your mistakes. 

Of course, everybody feels some anxiety before a speech. Use these six tips to avoid speaker’s anxiety and perform your best. 

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