The 5 Paragraph Essay

Most teachers require their students to write the 5 paragraph essay at some point within the academic year. This is one of the most common assignments given to students to gauge their writing skills, and can be a little demanding since it is compulsory and a prerequisite for a passing grade. When writing the 5 paragraph essay, a student needs to have patience and sufficient knowledge in the basics of essay writing and the standards of completing this specific objective. It is an easy way to know how well a student writes; therefore for those who are unfortunately “ungifted” in writing skills, so to speak, are encouraged to seek professional help to write this kind of essay.

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It is important to keep an organized layout of the whole of the essay to be able to produce a well-structured one. When doing this, make sure to do the following: 1. Write the introductory paragraph. The 5 paragraph essay should be commenced with a quick overview of the value of your topic. This contains the thesis statement which should be explained and expounded on later. 2. Compose the first body paragraph. This is the second section of the 5 paragraph essay you are going to write. This should have a clear presentation of your first standpoint or opinion about the topic with a detailed supporting argument to prove the correctness of each point you make. 3. Create a convincing second body paragraph. For this part, you will need to write a similarly structured paragraph as the first, with at least three references or facts that show the accuracy of your opinion. Your argument should become stronger with sample data from reliable sources.

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4. Finish the main body of the essay. This should be the third body paragraph, but technically the fourth paragraph of the whole essay. It should contain a unique opinion regarding the topic with supporting facts and data. 5. Complete the essay with a concluding paragraph. The 5 paragraph essay should be wrapped up with a conclusion that is basically a rephrase of the thesis statement, followed by the ending statement.

A conclusion does not necessarily summarize the body. It should contain a brief summary but must include a discussion of the implications of the essay or research. In such a case where there is no possible conclusion due to the lack of existing data, this may be mentioned in the conclusion paragraph. Lastly, your conclusion should be the end point of the essay and not a starting point of another topic. This will show the professionalism and credibility of your writing skills.

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These are the steps in writing the 5 paragraph essay. At first glance, it may seem easy to perform, but for people who have lots of commitments, we offer our valuable service that provides the 5 paragraph essay custom written to satisfy your needs. There is no other place online where you can buy cheap but superior articles like ours. With highly experienced writers, your writing needs are duly taken care of while you spend your time on other important matters of your life.

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