These 4 Steps Will Deprive You of Eye Strain While Working With a Computer

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a student without modern high-tech gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Unfortunately, except positive impact, the progress has a negative influence on human-beings as well. Eye strain is one of them. Anyway, there are ways to fight with the problem and QualityEssay is going to teach you how to do it:

Get an eye exam. It is the most important thing to treat or prevent vision problems. All people working with a computer should examine their eyes once a year. During the exam tell your eye doctor about the amount of time you spend in front of a computer daily and also measure in advance the distance from your eyes to the computer screen while working.
Watch the light. Eye strain may be caused by too bright light which is either outdoor sunlight from the window or interior lighting. Usually the light for work with a computer should be half as bright as it actually is. Exterior light can be eliminated by closing drapes or blinds. Interior light can be reduced by using lower intensity light bulbs, etc. Your computer screen should be positioned in a way that windows are to the side, not in front or behind of it. Use a floor lamp instead of an overhead one.
Blink often. It is very important while working with a computer as blinking prevents your eyes from irritation and dryness. Usually people forget to blink while watching at a computer screen or blink partially, which leads to rapid evaporation of the tears coating the eye. Practice this exercise to minimize the risk of dry eyes: every 20 minutes of work with your computer blink several times as if you are going to fall asleep. This will help you to moisten the eyes.
Give your eyes a break. From time to time it is worth to opt for a walk in the park rather than watching Neflix for a long period of time. If there is too much homework to do, there is also a solution - delegate it to our highly qualified writers. They can do magic if to speak about academic writing. They do not have any eye strains while working with your essays and course papers!

We hope that you will follow the mentioned above tips to minimize the negative influence of a computer on your eyesight. Stay healthy and order your pieces of academic writing from our service. You will not regret!

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