4 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Mind Mapping

What do you do if you do not understand the sentence? – Read it again and again? It might help, but why not to take colored pencils and try to draw a kind of a mind map? It really works! (Mind that mind mapping is useful even in the process of writing your essays). You might think that it won’t work with you as the process of drawing is rather time consuming, but QualityEssay will prove you that this method is very effective and even the fact that you are actually not very good at drawing does not matter:

  • Draw pictures. The thing is that human brain perceives more information conveyed in a picture than using words. The pictures on your mind maps should not be masterpieces to distract you from the factual information. It’s quite the opposite - the more abstract and absurd the pictures are, the better they serve your memory.
  • Use your own mind maps. Mind that you won’t be able to perceive and understand the information to the full using mind maps created by somebody else! You have to take time to think over different ideas and map them. Actually, a mind map is the result of your evaluation of the material and, therefore, is valuable only for you.
  • Use pens and paper for your mind mapping, not your computer. Technological achievements are great, but if to speak about the efficiency of learning, banal paper and pens are the best. The thing is that a piece of paper gives you more freedom to create. Using your laptop limits you to a small screen that beeps every time you get a message.
  • Use different colors for your mind maps. The trick is that the brain prefers to see different colors rather than only black or blue. Moreover, highlighting the branches of your mind map with different colors will make it easier to distinguish each of them, as well as to group the similar ideas.

Try out mind mapping. May be this funny experiment will help you to find the learning technique that best suits you. May be it won’t work for you, but as anything in life, you will not know until you try it out. Also remember that if to speak about academic writing, you can fully rely on our help. We are always ready to carefully carve out your essays or course papers!

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