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12 Hints for Better Time Management

12 Hints for Better Time Management

Is punctuality your cup of tea? Can you easily hand your work in until deadlines?

Are you good at managing your time? If your answer is negative, follow these tips to start managing time effectively.

Tips on Managing Time Effectively

  1. Plan a day. Creating a strict plan for a day is a must. The best time to plan your schedule is either in the morning or before the sleep. This will prevent you from some unexpected surprises the next day.
  2. Find the time for the tasks. Each task requires a certain amount of time to cope with. Be sure you will be able to fulfill X assignments by morning, Y assignments by afternoon, and Z assignments by evening.
  3. Stick to the calendar. One of the best time management tips is to use a calendar. Not only will it provide you with flexibility, but also, if you are able to synchronize it with your smartphone, you will reach it wherever you are.
  4. Get used to having an organizer. This device will soon become an integral part of your life, containing projects, materials, lists etc.
  5. Consider the deadlines. Use the previous tips to mark your deadlines. You should never be late with your work.
  6. Do not say “Yes” to everything. You can fulfill only a certain amount of work. So, be sure not to overload yourself and disappoint your boss.
  7. Try to be earlier. If you are wondering how to accomplish more, here is the solution: aim at doing everything early. If you set a goal to be on time, you will probably be late. On the other hand, trying to be earlier will help you be on time.
  8. Use the clock. Keep track of time unless you want to be late. Find a big clock and get used to looking at it from time to time.
  9. Put the reminders 15 minutes earlier. All calendars have a function to remind about events. Set an alarm a little bit earlier and you will never be caught unawares.
  10. Learn to focus. If you see that completing several tasks at once is not yours, stop doing this and try to focus only on the most important ones. You will become more efficient.
  11. Prevent yourself from distractions. Get away unimportant things that grab your attention. Instant messages, useless phone calls, social networks. Not only will it help you to concentrate more, but also you will be impressed with the amount of work, you are able to complete.
  12. Note the time. Use Egg Timer to track the time, which you spend for fulfilling certain tasks.

Time managing skill will improve your productivity.


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