The first president of the United States, George Washington, is usually commemorated on the third Monday of February. All federal workers get an official day off and can spend this day together with their families. Even though George Washington was born on February 11, 1731, the date of the ho... ->

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Peculiarities of Celebrating Valentine’s Day around the World

Valentine's Day is the most romantic and awaited holiday for all the couples around the world. Regardless of the origins of this day, we all consider Valentine’s Day as a day to say soft words to our loved ones and make them feel special once again. Here is a list of countries that are w... ->

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Do You Know the History of Presidents’ Day?

Apart from Valentine’s Day, in February we celebrate Presidents’ Day on the third Monday of the month. This year, it falls on February 20. On this day, we honor the presidents of the United States, especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, for their accomplishments for the ... ->

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Groundhog Day

Recently, by emerging from the burrow and glimpsing own shadow, the most famous groundhog worldwide, called Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil, has predicted six more weeks of the wintry weather, although his rivals, Staten Island Chuck and Wiarton Willie, have brought welcome news of an early s... ->

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The Most Amazing Places to Welcome in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the topic of the hour these days, considering the fact that on January 28, according to the Lunar calendar, the year of Rooster will begin its rule. It is going to be the most fascinating holiday in China, full of bright performances, firework shows, and delicious food. How... ->

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Different Christmas Traditions in the World

The birth of Jesus Christ is a widely celebrated holiday beloved all over the world. This day is usually full of kindness, happiness, and love. With these features in common, many countries have developed a specific approach to the celebration. Below are some peculiarities of certain countries. ... ->

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Why Confidence Is Better Than Hope?

There are different people and different points of view accordingly. Some people consider hope as the key to success in life, while others believe that actually confidence is more important. I agree with the latter. How do you think? QualityEssay is going to name you some reasons why confidence is m... ->

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Why Not to Become an Early Riser?

The new academic year has begun. New professors, new subjects, probably, new friends, new responsibilities. In case if you are a fresher – the whole life is new! Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours to cope with every duty of a student’s heavy workload. May be it is time to become an early b... ->

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These 4 Steps Will Deprive You of Eye Strain While Working With a Computer

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a student without modern high-tech gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Unfortunately, except positive impact, the progress has a negative influence on human-beings as well. Eye strain is one of them. Anyway, there are ways to fight with the problem an... ->

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Learn How to Become the Best Intern Ever

Summer internship is not only a chance to add extra point to your curriculum vitae, but it is also a nice opportunity to get priceless experience in your sphere, which will later benefit for you at your first job. QualityEssay is going to share with you useful tips on how to become an excellent inte... ->

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4 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Mind Mapping

What do you do if you do not understand the sentence? – Read it again and again? It might help, but why not to take colored pencils and try to draw a kind of a mind map? It really works! (Mind that mind mapping is useful even in the process of writing your essays). You might think that it won’t ... ->

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4 Steps to Using a Syllabus to the Full

A syllabus outlines the main points of a course of study and is usually given to students at the beginning of the semester. It is very useful and needed source of information, but very often students underestimate its importance and fail to use it in a proper way. is going to reveal... ->

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Long-Expected List of Facts College Students Should Be Aware of

College life is a good chance not only to enjoy yourself as a grown up for the first time, but also to get the knowledge and useful experience for the rest of your life. is ready to give you some hints on how to make the most of your college years: Stock up on coffee. You’ll need... ->

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Internship or Summer Job?

Now it is high time for the students who want to get experience and earn some money during their summer break to choose between a summer internship and a summer job. If you are lucky enough to have both offers, which one will you choose? Every college student has his or her own answer, but regardles... ->

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Packing for Cruise Vacation

Summer holidays are ideal for cruise vacations, but it is important to remember that the quality of your rest depends to some extent on the things you are going to put in your suitcase. Packing for a cruise vacation is quite a challenge, especially if it is your first vacation of such kind, but ther... ->

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