World Around Me

The world I come from is a world of successful people all around me. Everyone around me has one goal and one goal only and that is to be very successful. This has shaped my dreams because it’s made me also achieve the same goals the people around me have. Because everyone I know is successful it has led me to starting companies and tries to make money at an early age. My world has completely revolved around people who try the hardest and work the hardest. Starting my freshmen year all I would think about is coming up with an idea or starting something which can help me leave a legacy. When I finally came across a talent I had it led me to starting my own company at the age of 16 and following that it helped me start my second company at the age of 17. Both of these companies’ relating to my inspirations and the people around me who started the same way I did. The world I come from is a world of success. This has helped me a lot considering all the work I have put in to make these companies successful.  

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Some accomplishments that are very important to me is that I started 2 companies in high school. Basically when I was 16 I started my own web design and SEO Company. When I was 17 my friend and I started another company which is a web application geared towards high school students helping them in the transition from high school to college. My first company has been semi successful only 1 year in and the second company we plan on launching in January. This relates to me because I want to be a young enterprise and my goal is to go to a good college so I can leave a legacy at that school. Just to have that possibility that this could be the next biggest thing is one of the best feelings ever. I’m also starting a social network in college which I plan to be one of the next biggest hits. The social network is directed to a particular group and its something which isn’t out yet.  My plan is to eventually build a technology empire; all my accomplishments follow me through starting in high school. Ever since I started my freshmen year all I wanted to do is reach my goal which was trying to make 100k before graduating high school.

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The person who I am is a person that wants to be successful. Someone who is determined to do anything to reach that path and I somewhat already started.  My First web design and SEO Company came up very high and successful.  I accomplished some of the biggest things that some companies are struggling with right now. The main thing I have done is  came up across a huge rank on google. Basically I ranked my company to the first spot on a bunch of keywords. One of the main keywords “California Custom Computer” has 200m results. Out of the 200m results my company SVCreation is on the first page. People pay a lot of money per month just to keep up advertisements and organic searches on google, but I myself ranked myself and getting offers for 2k a month for advertising. I see this as one of my biggest accomplishments seeing how most companies can't even pick up a rank till their 2nd year of business. My 2 companies is my most prized possession, and they are very important to me. The second company that I'm starting is something that can be one of the next biggest things. My second project is very important to me as well as my first company. The second company we plan on trying to reach to a celebrity investor. We sent our business plan in to Ashton Kutcher and hoping to get an investment from him. 

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