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This essay seeks to describe meanings held by different team values to us, the behaviors that illustrate that those particular values and their impact on team performance. 

Honesty is a positive moral attribute associated with good virtues. When one is honest it means he will not lie or steal anything. Moreover, he will be truthful when asked to account for a particular thing. Openness on the other hand also denotes sincerity whereby one talks about what he feels in his or her heart without any fear. Frankness is related to both honesty and openness. When one is frank, it means he will talk freely about what he feels and will tell you the truth even if it hurts. If all the team members adopt these values, the team performance will be excellent. Losses brought about by theft and dishonesty will be cut out paving the way for maximum profits or benefits reaped by a particular team.

Responsibility means the willingness to take blame when something wrong happens. It makes one to be liable for his or her own work. If he does not meet the deadlines in his duties then he will be liable. If members of a team acquire this value then it will make it easier to identify the source of a particular problem in time and correct them thereby enhancing the team performance. Another value; interdependence means members of a given team rely on one another for any type of help without the need to outsource. It calls for consultations in the event that one is faced with a difficult task and coordination to quicken the progress of a particular work. Team members possessing this trait will enhance the efficiency and performance of that particular team. Commitment towards quality work as value means team members understand the need to produce better results and achieve their targets. It is associated with hard work amongst the team members in an effort to achieve desired results. Members having this trait in a team ensure that that particular team meets its targets in time. This trait also leaves very little room for laziness and complacency amongst team members.

Sharing responsibilities equally means division of all available work proportionally amongst all team members. It entails coordination and participation of all team members in all available work. Working hard means offering most of your energy and effort towards a particular course; adopted by the team. It entails being relentless in ones efforts, not giving up and being committed to a particular course within a team. If team members adopt these two values then that particular team will have better if not good performance as team members will always be available and pick up whenever they fall. Team spirits will also be high. Collaborating with one another means; cooperating in your efforts to meet a particular goal. It associated with consultations and coordination amongst team members. Avoiding conflicts on the other hand means; being friendly, open and tolerant towards one another. It is associated with being frank, accommodative and never hiding anything from the team members. Avoiding conflicts and collaboration ensure good will which serves to enhance the efficacy and performance of a team if adopted by team members.


This essay has discussed the values that if adopted by team members can have an impact on team performance. Particularly, it has emphasized on the positive values that can have positive impact on the team performance.

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