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Value Stream Mapping

In their article, Developing a Maintenance Value Stream Map, Kannan et al. paid attention to lean manufacturing and its role in the nowadays’ manufacturing environment. The scholars stressed that maintenance management was able to find a novel purpose and potential to increase capability and capacity of equipment. The Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is stated to be one of the key lean manufacturing tools that are capable of providing a various dimension in analyzing and identifying the non-value added activities.

Having analyzed different VSM tools, scholars concluded that they did not correspond to the maintenance operations. As a result, these VSM tools cannot be applied to. In this article the VSM is represented to measure maintenance operations. The methodology applied for the development of a Maintenance Value Stream Map (MVSM) comprised there phases. During the first phase, a framework for the MVSM was developed. All needed symbols used for the mapping process were included into the following framework. During the second phase, the step-by-step standard mapping process was established. Taking into account this very process, the industry practitioners are able to form a maintenance function state map and to base their maintenance activities. A simulation model was developed during the third phase. The application of the simulation aims at evaluating the non-value added activities as well as the maintenance function efficiency by including different accompanying factors, for instance, delay time and processing time.

It is worth mentioning that the Mean Maintenance Lead Time (MMLT) was proposed for the maintenance measurement. The production process of Tungten powder was chosen for the case study in order to show the suggested MVSM practical application.

The results obtained showed rather low maintenance efficiency because of the delay between two processes, ‘Locate the resources’ and ‘Generate the work order.’ The following delay was caused by the unavailability of parts and tools to issue the order of work so as to fulfill the needed maintenance task.

After having carried out the research, scholars concluded that the framework had provided some novel MVSM symbols. These symbols can be used by the practitioners of Industrial Engineering who are dealing with mapping. They may provide practitioners with a common language that can be used in all maintenance activities. As to the step-by-step standard mapping process, it can be used by various practitioners of Industrial Engineering so as to base all maintenance activities, taking into consideration different components. The MVSM simulation model is supposed to provide the practitioners of Industrial Engineering with the capability of incorporating variations into any parameters of the MVSM and performing maintenance function evaluations.

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