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The Preserving Biodiversity

The issue of preserving biodiversity begun in mid-20th century, this is when naturalists, scientists and ecologists started to research and addressing global issues affecting biodiversity. There has been advocacy for the protection of some areas from human exploitation or interference for profits. There is conservation ethic that is advocating for wise management of the natural resources. This is to enhance protection and sustenance of biodiversity in ecosystems, species and human society and culture. The loss of biodiversity has been very great in the recent time; this has brought worries among the scientists who are saying that this rate is very high compared to other mass extinction events. Biodiversity loss usually leads to natural capital loss which supplies services and goods to ecosystem. Conservation biologists are organizing the strategic plans which include principles, guidelines and biodiversity protecting tools (Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy, 2003).

The misuse and destruction of biodiversity will lead to decreased resources that are used to maintain the life. Those sectors that are likely to be affected include pharmaceutical, around 25 to 50 percent of pharmaceutical are derived from biodiversity. Another sector that will be affected by destruction of biodiversity is biotechnology; biodiversity usually provides many products that are of importance in our life. Some of the products include microorganisms and enzymes. Personal care, beverage and botanical food and beverages are gotten from biodiversity hence with its destruction may likely led to lack some of those benefits. Those are some of the losses that we can incur when the biodiversity becomes destroyed. They are some of the economic benefits that one gets from the biodiversity richness. They include human health, leisure, cultural and aesthetic value and agriculture. These are some of the things that sustain the human beings on the earth. Some of the main strategy towards sustenance of biodiversity is the monetary value placement through biodiversity banking. Gene banks creation is another approach towards the biodiversity sustenance. Exotic species eradication is also another method of local diversity preservation. This is because exotic species are identified as pest which needs to be eradicated. Other methods and measures include pesticide use reduction by switching to organic pesticides. Biodiversity conservation is a global priority that needs to engage the public policy as well as private policies. Biodiversity conservation and action plans need to identify various ways of sustaining human well being as well as global economics that include natural capital, ecosystem services and market capital.   

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