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The Illusion of United Nations Security Council Reform

This article is concerned with the problems that are encountered by the UN Security Council in the process of trying to reform the Council. It is also questioning how trustworthy the Security Council is in performing its duties and making decisions.

The UN Security Council is facing several challenges; one of them being influence from the United States' veto powers. This is clearly reflected in the UN Security Council inability to control their powers and thus restricting their involvement. In addition to this, the United States takes advantage of its great military capacity. "The principle of UN Charter reform, which includes altering everything from institutional purposes and structures to more mundane procedures, retains the salience for diplomats in New York as a formal agenda item as well as informal" (Weiss, 2003). As a result of this, making amendments with considerable importance has seemed almost impossible. Instead only three adjustments have been made in about 60years regarding the number of seats since its inception in 1945.

In this article, the author highlights the failure of the UN Security Council to perform its duties within its mandate. I concur with the author's questioning of the possible approval of the UN Security Council's decision to use force against Iraq. It is also evident from the article that the UN Security Council's ability to make concrete decisions and actions has been greatly influenced by the United States veto powers. Hence, it has always made decisions that favor the interests of the United States. This has jeopardized its capacity to deal with world security issues properly.

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