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The Forests

Loss of forests is another major effect that is facing the biodiversity; there has been diverse deforestation all over the world. Logging or deforestation has a major effect of destroying the animal’s habitats. A lot of potential knowledge including medicinal, scientific information among others continues to be lost; this is due to destruction of forest and consequentially loss of bio-diversity. The capacity of forest to conserve water, soil and biodiversity is decreasing each and every moment. This is due to increased logging and deforestation. The growth and revenues generated by forests are robbing off the communities in the forest their sources of food, fuel, medicine and fiber. This is also threatening these communities to havoc of drought and floods.

There have been a declining number of tigers in the parks and forests. Tigers are usually the largest in the cats’ family. In the last century, there was 95 percent decrease in number of tigers. This was mainly due to retributive killings, loss of habitat and poaching. The main reason behind increased tiger poaching is due to its bone. It has very high demand in China and other parts of the world. This is because its bone is believed to have traditional medicinal value. The number of lions is also decreasing rapidly in the recent days. This is due to increased encroachment of lands by human beings as they try to farm. This is a major threat of forest bio-diversity. Another species that is becoming endangered is rhino. Rhinos are critically endangered due to the demand of its horns; it is believed to have medicinal value. It is estimated that, at least three rhinos are killed every month all over the world. Vultures are also decreasing at a very high rate in most parts of the world. It is estimated that around 97 percent of vultures has been destroyed in the last 12 years. Vultures are very important in providing useful services that balance the ecosystem. Vultures scavenge rotten carcasses; these are a big threat to the environment. Vultures are an important part of bio-diversity and need to be protected. The number of polar bears is also declining of late; this is mainly due to toxic pollution, hunting, climate change and oil exploration. There have been measures to try and reduce the threats that are facing the polar bears population in the Polar Regions. Polar bears usually depend on the ice for survival, therefore, when the sea ice melts, this threatens the life of polar bears (Shah, 2010).

There is the need for coming up with measures that reduce the number of threats facing the biodiversity. As far as people try to develop and look for more areas in the name of agriculture, there is the need to maintain the areas where the animals and other bio-diversity live. Biodiversity is also important for scientific engineers in their research. Therefore, there is the need to maintain biodiversity so as to be able to accomplish some of these vital activities. Ecosystem and species conservation is of great importance in maintaining the natural balances that have been destroyed by human activities. There is the need of various organizations to take responsibility of maintaining and preserving the ecosystem. Maintenance of the ecosystem will definitely lead to preserved biodiversity. 

Industrialized Fishing The Preserving Biodiversity
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