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Sustainable Solutions Paper


CACI International Incorporated provides information technology services and solutions to the US Department of Defense, Intelligence agencies and Federal Civilian customers. The information provided by CACI is essential for a number of government transformation initiatives and national security missions. Its importance can be seen in its leading role as Fortune’s most admired information technology company (Reuters, 2014). In addition to this, CACI’s excellence in the IT services sector has enabled the federal civilian customers and government agencies to safeguard national security interests. Its state of the art information technology solutions and services enable firms to support critical decision-making that is essential in countering global terrorism threats (CACI, 2015). Additionally, CACI’s business model has enabled the Department of Defense to adequately equip the US army by making them well-informed and combat-ready. Its specialization in information solutions and services has spearheaded the transformation of government services so that to ensure that high quality services are offered to US citizens (Reuters, 2014). The company’s new technology has modernized the intelligence and defense agencies that can efficiently meet and respond to complex national challenges (CACI, 2015).

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Sustainable Value Framework Analysis

According to Hart (2011), a company’s sustainable framework creates a direct link between the global sustainability, societal challenges and the value creation of firm’s shareholder. The company’s sustainable value framework focuses on the nurturing of internal capabilities, management of the present business, building future opportunities and increased external stakeholders’ engagement. In order to create sustainable shareholder value, there is a need for a company to implement programs such as prevention of pollution, employing clean technology, product stewardship and the base of the pyramid. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (2014), sustainable prevention of pollution results in the reduction of waste and emissions that has significant economic benefits.

CACI has adopted the “going green” strategy, in which its fifty offices spread across the United States are recognized as leaders in energy and environmental design. The corporation has installed the best-in-class building practices and strategies, thus, becoming a leader in green building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, 2015). The management of CACI has implemented the efficient use of paper in its facilities and offices by emphasizing on recycling of paper. In addition to this, the company recycles plastic, used toner cartridges and metal. Its numerous offices use green pantry products and recycled product paper towels. All its buildings, including the headquarters at Arlington, Virginia, are equipped with energy-efficient printers, energy-saving lighting, water conservation systems and energy-saving plumbing fixtures (CACI, 2015). The company also uses wood, low-emitting paints, laminated adhesives and bike racks. Such measures are essential in the reduction of air pollution and use of fossil fuels.

In the military intelligence sector, CACI has gained leadership in product stewardship, in which it actively engages with the government’s Intelligence and Defense agencies. CACI also engages with Federal Civilian customers and other external stakeholders. As a result, it has enabled CACI to actively manage the full life cycle of its information solutions and services products (CAC, 2015). With particular regard to base of the pyramid, CACI has adopted strategies that are aimed at co-creating new products and businesses that are crucial in meeting the unfulfilled needs of the undeserved and the poor (CACI, 2015). Its business-driven initiatives have been focused on fostering community citizenship, educating tomorrow’s leaders and serving people (CACI, 2015). In addition, the company has implemented policy towards helping the needy in the US society and towards the veterans and retired troops. Through the corporation’s funding and volunteerism, the top level management of CACI has continued to advance and promote its philanthropic activities.

Life Cycle Assessment

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (2014), life cycle assessment is essential to the realization of a company’s objectives and goals. The life cycle assessment enables a company to evaluate the potential impacts and environmental impact of its processes, services and products. CACI has streamlined its raw material acquisition processes, production, reuse, use, maintenance and proper waste management. The corporation’s excellent logistics and material readiness have ensured that the firm meets the relevant material inputs and energy requirements with particular regard to the potential environmental impacts. The global intelligence company provides supply chain solutions and logistics support to the Armed forces through the provision of systems, equipment and operational support to the troops.

The corporation has advanced operational capabilities that have made it deliver in the value chain. CACI has well-developed logistics planning systems, total asset visibility, demand forecasting and life cycle weapons system support for both the British and US governments. The company’s staff is comprised majorly of retired servicemen and it ensures that CACI provides value to its diverse customer base. Its operational capabilities ensure that the company has sufficient modeling toolsets and specialized simulation that have enabled it to develop and manage its logistics information systems (CACI, 2015). The top-level management of CACI has effectively implemented the environmental performance-based life cycle analysis in its decision-making processes.

Industry Evolution Modeling

The industry evolution modelling involves the aggregate changes experienced in the industry characteristics focusing on the entry, exit and growth processes (Silverman, 2015). A company that anticipates and exploits environmental changes in a timely manner gains a competitive edge in a disrupted value chain (Naeher, Suzuki, & Wiseman, 2011). CACI’s industry evolution model has greatly focused on identifying the dynamic changes within the fast-changing informatics industry (CACI, 2015). Additionally, CACI has embraced path-dependence and capitalized on the empirical regularities and irregularities that exist in the markets that it serves. The informatics industry, in which CACI operates, is characterized by a fully endogenous industrial evolution model, in which various firms that have different innovative capabilities enter the industry at different times (Silverman, 2015). In addition to this, the model results in a high number of exits for less competitive firms from the industry due to increased competition. Firms also shift their research and development expenditures from product innovation to process innovation providing the latter with increased business returns (Seker, 2009).

The company serves four key markets: Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence and Federal Civilian customers. Over the years, CACI has provided innovation and operational excellence to its diverse client base. The industry in which CACI operates requires a high level of operational excellence in providing innovative information solutions and services (CACI, 2015). It is essential in supporting national security, transforming the operations of the government for fast service delivery and assisting in addressing sophisticated problems (CACI, 2015). The endogenous industry evolution in such markets ensures that firms grow to become more productive due to the increased process innovations (Seker, 2009). Companies that adopt continuous product innovations and appealing products have a competitive edge in the market. Additionally, the industry evolution model, in which CACI is involved, is characterized by heavy research and development expenditures. The situation makes it difficult for new entrants to enter the market due to high profitable entry levels.

Boid Analysis

In the recent past, the information technology industry has undergone significant developments due to the technology progress. The decisions that CACI makes will, thus, be implemented with the particular regard to the market research and the prevailing business conditions. A market research that is undertaken under the Boid analysis is essential to managers as it enables them gain an in-depth insight into the changing business environment. Given the less number of players in the industry, in which CACI serves, the company has gained more federal civilian customers and is now maintaining its market leadership role in the industry (CACI, 2015). CACI actively takes part in various initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining customers. The company has intensified its marketing activities in order to attract new customers and retain the loyal customers given the high competition that exists and availability of an interactive social media platform (CACI, 2015).

The technological progress that has been evident in the information solutions and services sub-sector has made it difficult for CACI to maintain its competitiveness. In Boid analysis, the strategies that are employed include alignment, avoidance and attraction. The company takes into consideration the operational efficiency and effectiveness of its close competitors, such as NCI Incorporated and Science Applications International Corporation (FactSet, 2015). A number of federal civilian customers would also prefer the competitors’ products and services if they are unsatisfied with CACI’s services, such as security and positive reputation. CACI also aligned its strategies with the existing technologies (CACI, 2015). Aligning the business-level strategies to the specific customer demands has enhanced CACI’s competitive position in the informatics industry.

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CACI has been able to remain highly competitive in the provision of information solutions and services to a large number of clients, such as Federal Civilian customers, Defense, Homeland Security and Intelligence. The success of the company has been majorly driven by its process innovation strategy that it had adopted in the highly competitive IT services industry. In addition to this, CACI has adopted viable environmental sustainability programs characterized by its involvement in successful philanthropic activities. CACI has also streamlined its value chain processes with particular regard to adopting environmental assessment impacts and waste management programs in its strategy.

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