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Successful Job Analysis

The occupation that interests me is medical and health service management. This occupation involves planning and coordinating the services provided in a healthcare facility. It requires the skills and qualifications that are similar to an office manager, a program manager and a social service manager. There are various skills that are required to perform tasks related to those of a health service manager. The skills that are required for this job are as follows:
- managing the budget and planning the finances of the healthcare facility
- supervising the work in the healthcare unit including the personnel involved
- managing own time and other staff in the work place
 - recruiting personnel in the department.
For the social skills, the occupation requires skills in coordination, persuasion, service orientation and social perceptiveness.
The systems skills required include system analysis skills to avoid poor work performance.
The technical skills required in this occupation include equipment maintenance.

The information about the occupation was easy to get from the web, probably due to the various occupations provided. At first, I had to check the occupation under Management which provided me with information on the occupation listed. The information proved to be quite helpful for gives an in-depth analysis of the occupation. After thorough reading, the qualifications for the occupation have been well-described. Apart from providing the skills required for performing the job, the site has also provided information about physical, mental and education requirements. This is helpful for the Human Resource Department in creating an elaborate job analysis (Edward 1997).
The occupations listed on the website may be relevant to my skills. These include practice administrator, office manager, nurse manager, director of nursing and nutrition service manager. These occupations require similar tasks. The tools used in performing tasks are similar and include scanners, notebooks, desktop and personal computers. The technology required is also similar and requires document management software, electronic mail software, database software and document management software. The occupations that match my skills require a wide knowledge in management, customer service, accounting knowledge and proficiency in the English language. All these occupations require a thorough knowledge of mathematics, psychology and law. The website is a great learning tool. I now have enough knowledge of what to expect in future. I also have understanding of what extra skills I need to acquire to ensure efficiency in the workplace.
When conducting a job analysis, the site may be very helpful. It may act as a guide to preparing a job description. It may also assist in analyzing the required information. This in turn will help recruit the right personnel for the job. The information available on the website may be helpful in ascertaining the physical strength of a person. This is important in identifying a person who can as well handle physically strenuous duties. Information about a person’s ability to use office equipment may also be easily obtained. Information pertaining to my occupation was easy to find as well.
As a director of human resources I would highly recommend the staff to use the website. It is educative and has the right information regarding most of the occupations. The staff would be able to identify all the skills required for performing their duties. The website gives employees the chance to analyze their work performance by providing them with skills they do not have. According to Jackson (2001), a good job analysis should be helpful to the human resource and the entire staff. 

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