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Stress Level

The changes that are encountered in the daily social evens can be as a result of what we usually encounter in life. Some of these challenges can be due to personal illness, the los of a loved one, life stress or emotional stress. According Holmes & Rahe (1967), notes that one can easily organize the life chart of an individual depending on the relationship of biological, psychological and sociological phenomenon to the processes of health and disease in humanity. The study noted by Holmes and Rahe (1967), is that events in the surrounding environment have the ability to influence individual health such as graduation, changes or even failures in life. Furthermore, Holmes and Rahe (1967) acknowledge that many diseases that are realized by mankind can be as a result of stressful life events. The same ideas narrated by Holmes and Rahe are shared by Schlotz et al (2011) while discussing on the perceived stress reactivity scale. Majority of stress related diseases that are currently being studied by researchers are as a result of stress reactivity.

Individual health can be at great risk when there is n exposure to chronic illness and exposure to stress. However, the level of stress that is witnessed by environmental activity can be measured by the Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale (PSRS) and this can effectively design responsive measures to the situation. In quoting Cohen, Janicki-Deverts & Miller (2002) and McEwen (1998), Schlotz et al (2011) notes that chronic exposure to stress can result into maladaptive consequences and at the same time increase the risk of illness. While the study acknowledges the level of stress in a general perspective, Crandall et al (1992) presents a new perspective on how to measure the level of stress among undergraduates. The use of the Undergraduate Stress Questionnaire (USQ), is noted to relate well with the physical symptoms and how different disorders results from the experience of stressful life events. Crandall et al (1992) acknowledges what the other researchers have already discussed on how individual health is impacted by the levels of stress.

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